RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 4/18
Date2 Sep 1462
DescriptionApud Macclesfeld die Jovis prox. post festum Decolacionis Sci. Johannis baptist' a.r.r. etc.

Parties: 1. Robert Dovnes of Wurth [Worth], 2. John Holden of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield].

Witnesses: Roger del Rowe then mayor of the town of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield], Roger Falibrome aldirmon, John Cressewall, George Lowe, Richard Sutton.

Lease; feoffment de capitalibus dominis, with Warranty, at 2s. per annum, with rights in Robert Dovnes's lands in Vpton [Upton] and Sutton; in all Robert's lands and tenements and buildings thereon in Chestergate within the town of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield] lying between the tenement once held by William Holyncet and Ranulph Sonbach on the east side, and that once held by William Honford and Hugh Worth on the west side, and le Fairesstyddes on the south side.

Mark: C. p. 15. 2.E.4. Maclisfield 2.E.4.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 11" wide by 5". Seal: Pendant on label, red, round 5/8" diameter, effaced.
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