RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 2/16
TitleCopy of Court Roll; Halmot of Forest of Macclesfeld
Date19 Nov 1492
DescriptionApud Macc'

Suitors: 1. Robert Downes senior; Peter Legh Kt.; John Warren Kt.; Thomas Fyton Kt.; Thomas Legh of Adlyngton [Adlington]; William Dauenport of Bromehall [Bramhall]; Thomas Heyde of Norbery [Norbury]; Lawrence Warren; Robert Legh; Thomas Davenport of Henbury junior; Robert Downes junior; John Sutton junior; Thomas Shregley senior; Thomas Shregley junior.

Pledge for Fines: Robert Downes senior.

Steward: Thomas earl of Derby lord Stanley, for His Lordship the Prince.

Admittance to lands forfeit and seised into the hand of the Lord of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield] upon default in services due (Fine not specified) viz;- 14 acres of land in Sutton value 6s.8d.per annum lately held by Hugh Hurdren; a tenement and 10 acres of land in Bolynton [Bollington] value 5s.8d.per annum lately held by Richard Talior; a tenement and 15 acres of land lately held by Margaret Kyndur; a croft called le Chapel yerde and an orchard and 2 acres of land and a close called Axenholmes in Potshregley [Pott Shrigley] value 15s.9½.per annum; an acre of land in Potshregely [Pott Shrigley] lately held by William Downes of Ha(w)kyshert value 4½d.per annum; a cottage lately held by Robert Downes and a garden adjoining and another cottage lately held by Roger Downes in Potshregley [Pott Shrigley] lately called Erkilhouse with an acre of land value 1½d. per annum; a close in Ketils-holme held by John Wilson chaplain value 1d.per annum; a cottage and 5 acres of land in Raynowe [Rainow] lately held by Reginald Legh of Mottrum Andrews [Mottram St. Andrews] value 10d.per annum now held by John Coteler; (en dorse) all the lands and tenements in Sutton held by John Hall, in Bolyngton by Reginald Stevenson, in Potshrygley [Pott Shrigley] by Roger Merpull.

Mark: B. u. 20 Sutton Pottshryggeley Ranow.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 13¾" wide by 6", text both sides. Seal: Pendant on label, red, parcelled and broken.
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