RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 15/5
TitleIndenture 3-part; this is the right-hand part (v. Notes infra)
Date2 Feb 1493
DescriptionThe day of the purificacion of our Lady Seynt Marie The viiith yere etc.

Parties: 1. Geffrey Downes, 2. John Shalcrosse of Shalcrosse, countie of Derbye [Derby], 3. Richard Downes of Overtoun [Overton], countie of Chestr [Chester].

Trust Deed; endowment of 10 marks to provide an income for the maintenance of a priest "to do devyne seruice in oure lady brotherhode in the chirche of Tacksalle" with certain obligatory Services (v. infra); provided that, if these services lapse for 1 year the 10 marks are to be transferred to Robert Downes and Roger Downes by these trustees within one year from the lapsed term, in trust for Downes Chapel in Potshregley [Pott Shrigley]. Services specified in the endowment: "..And the same prest shal yerely for euer for the seid releiff euery tewseday sey masse/ of the Holygost, And at after noone the same day he shall sey Derige with ix lessions and masse of Requiem euery Wynnesday and pray/ specaily for the soules of my lady Dame Jane Ingaldestorp and Geffrey Downes and for alle the Brethren and Systren and benefactors/ of the seid Chirche. And also the seid prest shal euery day whan he seith masse rede a prayer at the lauatorie which is writen in a table/ and bygynnyth thus O blessid Qwene &c."

Mark: P. c. 3. 8.H.7.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 13" wide by 4½", indented left and top edges, bottom edge irregular - cut or torn away. No seal.
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