RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 7/3
TitleLetters Close, with Inquisition attached
Date31 Dec 1283
DescriptionApud Macclesfeld'.

Writ of Mandamus addressed to Thomas de Macclesfeld, bailiff of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield] for Alianore Queen of England by Edward King of England, lord of Ireland, Duke of Aquitaine her consort, forbidding extortion of pannage dues from Hervious de Sutton in respect of his holdings in Sutton, who is shown by Inquisition made by order of the King by consent and in the presence of the Queen to be exempt from pannage at all times save the season of mast under charters still valid granted by Hugh and Ranulph and John sometime earls of Cestr' [Chester], and by King Henry the king's father, notwithstanding which he has been forced to pay pannage prests both in mast and out by the coertion of the bailiffs of the King and Queen. Teste me ipso.

15 November 1283 (11 Edw.I) die lune in vigil.
xi (presenti regis E.)

Inquisition made by royal order concerning prestation of pannage which Hervicus de Sutton has unjustly paid, as he says, for his land in Sutton, contrary to the terms of the charter which he holds of Ranulph sometime earl of Cestr' [Chester]; before Jurdan de Distisl', John de Sutton', Robert de Dounes, Richard de Wrth, Henry Byran, Jurdan de Tyderintons, William de Fernil', Adam del Schydeyord', Richard de Cloys, Mark de Olrinleg', William del Wallecor, Roger de Rauenok', who say that Richard de Daueneport the first feoffee by that charter was quit for all his time of prestation of pannage except at time of Mast; and that was in the time of Ranulph and John sometime earls of Cestr' [Chester], and of King Henry father of the present king E., and that the heirs of the afsd. Richard were likewise quit in the time of the afsd. King Henry, and that Hervicus now tenant of the sd. land first gave pannage some years back both in and out of the season of mast, by coercion of the then bailiffs, and that was in the time of the present King E.

Mark.: G; b; 2. de pannag'
Physical DescriptionParchment: 2 membranes stitched face to face along one edge, upside down to each other. m1, which bears the mark (writ) 8½" wide by 2" stitched right edge, bottom left corner torn off, suggesting seal tongue and thong torn off; m2, (inquisition) 7½" wide by 2½" stitched right edge. Seal: No seals, but both docts. have sealing clauses, m1 "Teste me ipso", m2 In huius rei testimonium prescripti iurati presenti inquisitioni sigilla sua apposuerunt".
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