RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 13/15
Date20 Apr 1521
DescriptionParties: 1. Roger Downes Esq, Richard Sutton' son and heir of John Sutton' Esq., Sewall Worthe of Tydderyngton' [Tytherington], John Downez of Ouerton [Overton], John Cresswall of Longley, and William Downez chaplain, 2. Peter Leghe Esq, Henry Leghe Esq, Hamo Hyde son and heir of Robert Hyde Esq, John Dokenfeld Esq, Ralph Ardern Esq, and Henry Waren' Gent.

Signed and sealed by Rog. Downes; Ricard' Sutton'; Seywall' Worthe; Jhon' Downs; John Creswell; Willus' Dow'

Marriage settlement; lease (feoffment), with Warranty by Roger Downes senior contra omnes gentes, for term of life of Elena daughter of Lawrence Waren Esq. to use of the sd. Elena who is to be married to Roger Downes junior son of Robert Downez kinsman and heir of Roger Downez senior; with power of attorney to Richard Leghe' and Thomas Warde for entry possession and livery of seisin; in the lands of the manor of Worthe in Worthe [Worth]; lands etc., in Hepley part of the sd. manor, a close called le Marlde Crofte excepted; two pastures or closes in Adlyngton' [Adlington] called le horse gresse and le Furhope now severally held by John Leghe' and Reginald Hall'; a croft in Adlyngton' [Adlington] now held by James Worthe. The afsd. close in Hepley called le Marlde Crofte which lies next to the mill there to the south is now held by George Wode as part of the manor of Worthe with the Mill of Hepley (Molend' de Hepley). *senior.

Mark: B:b.b,26. 20 April 12.H.8. An Indenture for the recovery.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 11" wide by 7". Seals: Six, pendant on labels; (1) missing (2) broken, red, round 10mm diam, device obscure, (3) red,oblong 12 by 10mm, device a "W" or "M" (4) broken, effaced (5) broken, fragment (6) red,oblong 10 by 10mm, device a stag. Signed in order as above.
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