RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 2/40
TitleCopy of Court Roll; Halmote of Forest of Macc'
Date1 Dec 1544
DescriptionApud Macc' die lune prox. post fest.Sci.Andree Apli.

Suitors: 1. Roger Downes Esq.

Jurors: Edward earl of Derby, steward; Hugh Dauenport Gent, pledge for fine.

Franked: "this Dismission is made by force of A lettur made to Mr Radclyff Stuard from Mr Fletewod the Auditor".

Admittance for term of 21 years at 12d. per annum (Fine not specified); into a piece of waste 68 virgates long and 35 virgates broad in which are "vna domo de tribus bays" (a house with three stalls or bays for horses or cattle) and a building called A Smythye, newly built, and a garden; in the township of Pottshrigley [Pott Shrigley].

Mark: Y. p. 15 6.Edw.6. Shryggeley
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 11" wide by 4½". Seal: Pendant on label, red, round 30mm diam, upside down. Seal of office of steward. Legend: SIGILLUM THOME COMIT DE DE.B.. ....SCALL DE MACCLESFELD. Device: Three legs cojoined at the thigh, flexed and spurred.
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