RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 7/9
Date19 May 1545
DescriptionParties: 1. Roger Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] com. Cestr. [Chester] Esq., 2. Master Geoffrey Downes, DD, chancellor of the Cathedral of York; John Arderen of Harden com. Cestr. Esq, Lawrence Downes of Ryddyngker Gent, Christopher Downes clerk in Com. Cantibrigie [Canterbury?], Richard Downes Gent.

Witnesses: John Dauenport of Henburie [Henbury] Esq, Jasper Worth of Tyteryngton [Tytherington] Gent, Richard Thrilwynd of Pott [Pott Shrigley] chaplain.

Signed and sealed: "by me Rog'r Downes".

Feoffment de capitalibus dominis with Warranty contra omnes gentes, in trust, to the use of Roger for term of his life thereafter to use of Dorothy, Catrine, Sibelle, Margaret, Elisabeth, Pernelle, Elene, Jane and Margerie his daughters until such time as the trustees have received £120 out of the issues for the marriage portions of these daughters, remainder Roger; with Power of Attorney to Ralph Reynshaw chaplain for entry possession and livery of seisin; in all Roger's Messuages and lands etc., in Stokport [Stockport] and in Vpton [Upton] iuxta Maclesfeldiam [Macclesfield] com. Cestr' [Chester], viz:- a close in Vpton [Upton] called le Whitfeld late held by Hugh Hollynshed value £5.13.8. per ann, a parcel of land in Vpton [Upton] lately held by Leonard Worth value 6s.8d. per ann, a moiety of a messuage and lands adjacent to it in Stokport [Stockport] held by Robert Smyth value 5s.6d. per ann, a moiety of a messuage held by Roger Henshaw value 3s.4d. per ann, together with a close in Ludworth com. Derbie [Derby] held by Thomas Goddart value 5s.6d. per ann. Endorsed same day

1. Certificate of sealing and delivery, witnesses Lawrence Downes of the riddyngk'r Gent, Sir Richard Thrilwynd, Sir Raff Renshaw, and Sir Hugh Turner, priests, Henry Berlow, Renold Bryne.

2. Certificate of livery of seisin by Ralph Renshaw chaplain, attorney; witnesses Hugh Byron, Lawrence Holey, Thomas Dauenport, Henry Barlow.

Mark: B.b.f.30 37 H 8.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 14" wide by 13". Seal: Pendant on label, red, round 15mm diam, device a stag.
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