RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 5/12
Date20 May 1545
Description'Comprehendyng and mencionyng the last Wyll of me Roger Downes of Worthe esquyer', signed and sealed; Rog'r Downes +. Witnesses: Ralph Ranshae chaplain, Richard Thyrlwynd chaplain, Peter Hey, Edward Durenyng, Richard Gepson

The document recites the tenor of a Surrender made at the Halmote of the Forest of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield] before Edward earl of Derb [Derby]. steward there for the king on Monday next after the feast of Holy Trinity 37 Hen VIII - 1 June 1545 - (note the curious dating of the two transactions) by Roger Downes and the Admittance to Uses of Master Geoffrey Downes clerk, D.D., John Ardran Esq, Lawrence Downes Gent, Christopher Downes clerk, and Richard Downes Gent, into lands in Bolyngton [Bollington] in the tenure of John Cleyton annual value 18s.4d., Richard Normanshyll value 14s.8d., Edward Smythe 5s.9d., Lawrence Jackson 15s., Lawrence Clerke 27s., Elisabeth Pott late wife of Nicholas Pott 6s. 8d., and lands in Hurdesfeld [Hurdsfield] in tenure of Robert Shrygeley value 20s.10d per annum, George Gepson value 22s., Thomas Pott and Nicholas Cleyton value 12s., yielding 9s. per annum to the king, to be held by these trustees to the use of Roger Downes for term of life and then to use of Dorothy, Katryn, Sybyll, Merget, Elisabeth, Pronell, Elyn, Johanna and Margerye Downes Roger's daughters, until such time as the trustees shall have had £120 from the issues to secure the marriage portions of the said daughters, and thereafter to be held to uses specified in Roger's last Will and Testament. The Will in a separate clause ordains that

1. the trustees are to stand seised of the lands etc., in Bolyngton and Hurdesfeld [Hurdsfield] specified in the Surrender, to the uses there named, with the additional provisos;-

2. Elynor Downes Roger's wife and Lawrence Downes his son and Richard Downes his uncle are to be his executors.

3. the £120 for the marriage of his daughters is to be raised out of the issues of the estate or out of the debts owing to Roger from Sir Piers Legh for the marriage of Lawrence Roger's son.

4. Remainder after provision for daughters, to Lawrence Downes Roger's son and his issue, thence to the daughters in order Margery, Dorothy, Katryn, Sibyll, Mergett, Elisabeth, Pronell and Elyn.

Mark: Q.e.20 "The will of Roger Downes g'father to the now dcsd Roger for certen copyhould landes
Another "mark": dst. the 20th d. May in the 37th yeare of H. 8th and all other surenderes from Roger and Robart Downes to Lawraunce Downes.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 m 15" wide by 17". Seal: Pendant on label parcelled.
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