RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 6/6
TitleCopy of Court Roll; Halmote of Forest of Macc'
Date1 Jun 1545
DescriptionApud Macc' die lune prox post festum Sce. Trinitatis.

Suitors: 1. Roger Downes of Shrigeley [Pott Shrigley] Esq., 2. Master Geoffrey Downes clerk, D.D., chancellor of the Cathedral of York, John Ardern Esq, Lawrence Downes Gent, Christopher Downes clerk, and Richard Downes Gent.

Jurors: Edward earl of Derby lord Stanley, steward, Hugh Davenport Gent, John Johnson, Roger Bothe, Reginald Addeshed, Roger Rowe, Thomas Grene, Thomas Hurleton clerk of court.

Pledge for Fine: John Pott of Dunge.

Surrender and Admittance (Fine 12d.) to an estate in trust to use of Roger Downes for term of his life thereafter to use of Dorothie, Katerine, Sibille, Margaret, Elizabeth, Pronelle, Elene, Joan and Margery Downes Roger's daughters until such time as the trustees have raised £120 out of the revenues of the estate for the marriage portions of the said daughters, thereafter to uses and purposes specified in the Will of the afsd Roger Downes dated 20 May 37 Hen 8 - 1545 - in a messuage etc. and adjacent land in Bolyngton [Bollington] within the Forest of Macc' [Macclesfield] now held by John Cleyton, value 18s.4d. per annum, and divers other lands and messuages in Bolyngton [Bollington] held by Richard Normanshall value 14s.8d., and also a messuage etc. in Bolyngton [Bollington] held by Edward Smyth value 5s.2d., and a messuage in Bolyngton [Bollington] held by Lawrence Jakson value 15s., and a messuage in Bolyngton [Bollington] now held by Lawrence Clerk value 27s., and a messuage in Bolyngton [Bollington] held by Elizabeth Pott widow late wife of Nicholas Pott value 6s.8d., and a messuage etc. in Hurdesfeld [Hurdsfield] within the forest of Macc' [Macclesfield] held by Robert Shrigley value 20s.10d., and a messuage in Hurdesfeld [Hurdsfield] held by George Jepson value 22s., and a messuage in Hurdesfeld [Hurdsfield] held by Thomas Pott and Nicholas Cleyton value 12s, all of which together from ancient time have rendered 9s. per ann. to the king.

Mark: Q.f.19 37 H.8. Bolyngton. Hurdesfyld.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 10" wide by 14". Seal: Pendant on label red, round 30mm diam, effaced, legend illegible. Device: Three legs spurred, cojoined at thigh and flexed in a triangle.
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