RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 22/1
TitleInquisition Post Mortem (indenture)
Date18 Oct 1553
DescriptionApud Cestr' in Coi' Aula placitorum ibidem in Com' Cestr'.

Inquisition Post Mortem (indenture) taken before Vrian Brereton senior Kt and Richard Brereton Esq, Escheators in Com' Cestr' [Chester]; by testimony of Thomas Venables Kt, William Masci Esq, John Aston Esq, John Maynwaryng Gent, Edward Golburne Gent, Richard Masci Gent, John Warde Gent, Ralph Eggerton of Cristelton' [Christleton], John Brascy of Teuerton [Tiverton], Robert Bostok of Churton, Robert Croket of Barton' [Barton], Robert Mascy of Eggerley [Edgerley], and Richard Roydon of Ley, jurors, who depose;-

1. Roger Downes died seised as of fee in the capital messuage of Worth' [Worth], 22 messuages, 380 acres of land, 60 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 40 acres of wood, 30 acres of moor, a water-mill and 13s.10d. revenue, in Poynton' [Poynton], Vpton' [Upton], Taxall [Taxal], Stokport [Stockport], Adlyngton' [Adlington], and Bradbury [Bredbury] in Com. Cestr' [Chester], and also in 13s. 4d. revenue in Torkyngton' [Torkington] and another messuage and 20 acres of land in Vpton' [Upton] called Ratounsfeld in the Hundred of Maclesfeld [Macclesfield].

2. Before his death he had created an estate in the premises; - together with Robert Downes his son and heir by Indenture under their seals 1 April 1551 (in pursuance of an agreement in Indenture 30 March 1551, same parties) he granted to William Damport Kt, John Ardren Esq, John Ward (alias Warde) of Capesthorne Gent, and John Damport Gent, all the afsd. premises in Poynton' [Poynton], Vpton' [Upton], Taxall [Taxal], Stokport [Stockport], Torkyngton' [Torkington], Adlyngton' [Adlington], and Bradbury [Bredbury] in Com. Cestr' [Chester], to uses, viz; lands in Poynton' [Poynton] and Adlyngton' [Adlington] called the capital messuage of Worthe [Worth] with its orchard and garden, the Gorstyfeld, the Roye Croft, the Kilne Croft, the litle heysborne, the great heysboure, the high Riddinge, the shippenhylles crofte, the pale Feld, the logher Worth, the heild, the pale meydowe, the Castell fyld, the over horse gresse, the logher horse gresse, the Cumberwyne medowe, the crabtre flatte, and the mylne of Worth, as well as the lands in Poynton and Adlyngton [Adlington] lately occupied by John Leys, Lawrence Hall, Joan late wife of Roger Wodde, George Wodde, Ralph Marsheland, Robert Wodde, Reginald Gepson, Elizabeth late wife of George Wodde, Lawrence Wodde, and Christopher Greues, to use of Roger Downes for life then of Lawrence his son for life then to Lawrence's issue, in default to Dorothy, Katrine, Sibille, Margaret, Elizabeth, Petronille, Elene and Margery, Roger's daughters and their heirs begotten and in default to the right heirs of Lawrence; lands in Vpton' [Upton] called the Whyttelfeld now held by Hugh Hollynshed and lands in Taxall [Taxal] held by Joan late wife of Humphrey Scalcrosse, Reginald Turnor, Thomas Fourthe and John Wodnut, to use of Roger Downes for life, thereafter of whatsoever woman Lawrence Downes shall marry for her life, thereafter of her issue by him, thence to use of the afsd daughters of Roger, thence to use of right heirs of Lawrence Downes, the rest of the lands in Poynton' [Poynton], Vpton' [Upton], Taxhall' [Taxal], Stokport [Stockport], Torkinton [Torkington], Adlyngton [Adlington] and Bredbury, to use of Roger Downes for life, then of Lawrence Downes and his heirs begotten, in default to use of the afsd daughters of Roger and their heirs begotten, in default to use of right heirs of Lawrence.

3. The lands in Poynton were held of Edward Waren' Kt at a pair of gloves or 1d. per annum; those in Vpton [Upton] were held of George Vernon' Kt by fealty; those in Taxhall [Taxal] of John Downes of Ouerton' [Overton] by fealty and rent of one red rose; those in Stokport [Stockport] of the heirs of John Stanley of Hondford Esq; those in Adlyngton' [Adlington] of Thomas Legh Esq; the revenues in Torkynton' [Torkington] were not held of anyone; the lands in Bradburye [Bredbury] were held of John Dauemport Esq; and a messuage and 20 acres of land called Ratunfeld in Vpton' [Upton] were held of the heirs of Nicholas Hulme in socage.

4. Roger Downes died 7 May last, and Robert Downes is his son and heir and is 27 years old.

Mark: Q. z. j. 33. Office post mortem Rogeri Downes at 18th day of october primi marie.
Office Ro. Downes.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 21½" wide by 13". Seal: Pendant on label, brown, round 10mm diam, device obscure.
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