RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 18/5
TitleCopy of two deeds of same date
Date27 Jun 1555
Description(1 & 2 Philip & Mary; "Phillip & Marie by the grace of god King & Queen of England France Naples Jerusalem & Ireland, defenders of the fayth, Princes of Spain & Sicily, Archdukes of Austria, Duke of Milan, Burgundy & Brabant, Counts of Hapsburg, Flanders & Tyrol.)

Copy of two deeds of same date; certified true copy by original, by Robert Bill & Thomas Cope.

(1) in English.

Indenture of Bargain & Sale on consideration of £110, with covenant to deliver muniments of title at Hatfield, county of York, before St. Michael Archangel next, covenant to free estate from all claims and encumbrances save the right of Dower of the wife of Christopher Thorpe (from which party 2 is to be kept harmless) and the rents and services due to the Chief Lord of the fee, covenant to assure title and warranty against claims within the counties of York and Lincolne [Lincoln]; of a pourparty of the manor of Hathersedge, county of Derby, with all rights and appurtenances and feudal incidents, and lands tenements rents & services in the Townes fields or territories of Hathersedge Offerton & Darwent, county of Derby, annual value 4.13.4. nett.

(2) in Latin.

Feoffment de capitalibus dominis with warranty contra omnes gentes, in the same premises as in (1), with power of attorney to John Abell and Andrew Barker for entry, possession & livery of seisin.

Parties in both docts.

1. William Thorpe of Thorpe in Holderness, county of York, Esq., Christopher Thorpe his son & heir, 2. Sir Thomas Fitzherbert of Northburie, county of Derby, Kt.

Signed and sealed in both docts: William Thorpe, Christopher Thorpe.

Witnesses of sealing & delivery of (2), 25 July: John Fitzherbert, Thomas Ashton, John Burrowill, Richard Baylie.

Certificate of livery of seisin of (2), "in a house in Hathersedge wherein one fidler Widdowe did, dwell."

English and Latin
Mark: Q:j:9. 17 June 1&2 P&M. Bargaine & Sale & Feoffment/ to Sir Thomas Fitzherbert/ of the 4th part of Hathersedg'/ from William & Christopher/ Thorpe 1º et 2º Phillip & Marie.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 5 sheets 12" wide by 16"
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