RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 22/13
Date5 May 1565
DescriptionInquisition post martem taken at Cestr' [Chester] in Com. civitatis Cestr' [Chester]., before William Garrarde Esq., & Thomas Greene Gent., on a writ diem clausit extremum issued after the death of Lawrence Downes Esq; Jurors, John Mynshull Esq., Charles Maynwarynge, Robert Massye, John Hankye, Thomas Calcott, Robert Bostocke, Hugh Holme, John Holforde, Thomas Brimlaye, Ralph Batrych, Ralph Bostocke, John Kettell & William Barnestone. Signed, Charles Maynwayrynge. (One part of this indenture to be filed in the Exchequer at Chester, the other to be kept with the commissioners).

Lawrance Downes died seised as of fee in the capital messuage of Worthe [Worth] and 22 messuages, 380 acres land, 60 acres meadow, 200 acres pasture, 40 acres wood, 30 acres moor, a watermill, and rents of 30s.10d., in Poynton, Vpton [Upton], Taxall [Taxal], Stopporte [Stockport], Adlyngton [Adlington] & Bradburye [Bredbury], Com. Cestr'. [Chester], and 30s.4d. annual rents in Torkyngton [Torkington] and a watermill in Potte Shrygleye [Pott Shrigley]. On 13 May 1564 (6 Elizabeth) by his Will in writing he granted and bequeathed all the premises in Worthe [Worth], Poynton, Potte Shrigleye [Pott Shrigley], Adlyngton [Adlington], Stopporte [Stockport], Taxall [Taxal], Bredburye [Bredbury], Torkyngton [Torkington], and Vpton [Upton], annual value £20, to Hugh Cholmundeleye, Kt., Thomas Standeleye of Alderley, Esq., Robert Hyde of Norbury, Esq., and Jasper Worthe of Tydderyngton [Tytherington], Esq., until such time as they should have raised £440 from the issues thereof for the preferment in marriage of the sisters and daughters of Lawrence; and after Lawrence's death the trustees entered and possessed and were seised to uses. The lands in Poynton were held of John Warren, Esq., in socage by fealty and 1d. services, value per annum 100s; in Vptone [Upton] of George Vernon, Kt., in socage by fealty and 12d., value per annum 24s.; in Taxall [Taxal] of Roger Downes of Overtone [Overton] in socage by fealty and a Rose, value 40s.; in Stopporte [Stockport] a burgage of the heirs of John Standeleye of Handeforde, Esq., in socage by fealty and 12d., value 10s.; in Adlyngton [Adlington] of Thomas Legh, Esq., in socage by fealty and 12d., value 40s.; in Torkyngton [Torkington] of no person; in Bradburye [Bredbury] of John Davenports, Esq., in socage by fealty, value 6s. 8d; the messuage and 20 acres in Worthe [Worth] are held of John Warren, Esq., in socage by fealty and a pair of white gloves or a penny at Martinmas, annual value 24s.; a mill in Potte Shrygleye [Pott Shrigley] held of the Queen in socage by fealty and not in chief, annual value 13s. 4d.; he held nothing else of the Queen. He died 14 May 1564. Roger Downes is his son and heir; age 12 years 9 months 10 days.

Mark: Q;z;n;38 (originally Q:z:o:38) 7. Elizabeth *

* The office after the deaths of Lawrence Downs father of Rodger now deceased.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane
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