RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 6/40
Date30 Oct 1565
DescriptionApud Chelforde, co. Cestr'.

Inquisition taken at Chelforde [Chelford], co. Cestr'. [Chester], before commissioners Edward Fyttonne, Kt., Thomas Leighe, Esq., and Thomas Grene, Gent., feodaries of the County Palatine of Chester (Cestr'), under a writ Certiorari issued to them and hereto annexed, into the estate in which Lawrence Downes was seised on the day of his death (14 May 1564); Jurors, Richard Davenport, William Warde de Capestorne, William Baskervile, John Eatone, William Bothe, Edward Henshawe, Geoffrey Mottersheade, William Warde of Monkesheathe, Thomas Swetnam, Hugh Amsone, William Waretone, John Snelstone, Edward Astell, Robert Cottone & James Browne; signed and sealed, Ed.Fyton, Thomas Lighe, Thomas Grene.

Lawrence Downes named in the commission was seised on the day before his death in his lordship as of fee, in the capital messuage of Worthe [Worth] and in 22 other messuages, 380 acres land, 60 acres meadow, 200 acres pasture, 40 acres wood, 30 acres moor, a water mill, and a certain rent of 13s.10d. in Poyntone [Poynton], Vptone [Upton], Taxall [Taxal], Stopporte [Stockport], Adlyngtone [Adlington] & Bradburye [Bredbury], co. Cestr'. [Chester], and also in 30s.4d., annual rent in Torkyntone [Torkington], and in a water mill in Potte Shrygleye [Pott Shrigley]. On the day before his death, viz;- 13 May 1564 (6 Elizabeth I), being so seised, made his will in writing, whereby he gave and bequeathed all his lands etc., in Worthe [Worth], Poyntone [Poynton], Potteshrygleye [Pott Shrigley], Adlyngtone [Adlington], Stopporte [Stockport], Bredburye [Bredbury], Torkynton [Torkington] & Vptone [Upton], value £20, to a certaine Hugh Cholmondeleye, Kt., Thomas Standeleye of Alderleye [Alderley], Robert Hyde of Norburye [Norbury] and Jasper Worthe of Tyderyngtone [Tytherington], Esqs., from immediately after his death to such time as £440 should have accrued from the revenues for the preferment of Lawrence's sister and daughters in marriage. After Lawrence's death the trustees entered, possessed the estate to uses, reversion to heirs of Lawrence. Lawrence held lands in Poynton of John Warren Esq., in socage by fealty and 1d. services, annual value 100s.; in Vptone [Upton], annual value 24s., of George Vernon Kt., in socage by fealty and 12d; in Taxall [Taxal], annual value 40s., of Raynard Downes of Overtone [Overton], in socage by fealty and one Rose; in Stopporte [Stockport], annual value 10s., of the heirs of John Standeleye of Hondeforde, Esq., in socage by fealty and 12d.; in Adlyngtone [Adlington], annual value 40s., of Thomas Leigh Esq., in socage by fealty and 12d.; in Torkyntone [Torkington] a rent not held of any person because it is a rent-charge; in Bradburye [Bredbury] land annual value 6s. 8d., of John Davemporte, Esq., in socage by fealty; the messuage and 20 acres land in Worthe [Worth] are held of John Warren Esq., in socage by fealty and a pair of white gloves or 1d. at Martinmas, annual value 24s,; a mill in Potte Shrygleye [Pott Shrigley] is held of the Queen in socage, by fealty and not in chief, annual value 13s. 4d.; Lawrence Downes held no other property of the Queen or any other person within co. Cestr'. [Chester] on the day of his death; he died 14 May 1564 (6 Elizabeth); Roger Downes is his son & heir and next of kin, and is aged 13 years 3 months 4 days.

Mark: Q:z:o:39. 7. Elizabeth
Physical DescriptionParchment 1 membrane 15" wide by 11". Seals on three labels, 1. a fragment of red wax, 2. a blob of red wax, 3. a seal parcelled.
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