RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 15/22
Date16 Mar 1608
DescriptionParties: 1. The Rt Hon William lord Pagett, Sir Symon Weston Kt, Walter Bagot and William Skeffington Esqs, 2. Thomas Lethroppe of Yoxall co. Staffs Gent

Party 1 - the commissioners nominated and appointed within the Hundred of Offlowe in the countie of Staffs for taxing and assessing the second payment of the second subsidy granted to his majesty by Act of Parliament in the third year of his reign appoint party 2 as High Collector of the sd payment within the sd Hundred of Offlows co.Staff, who is to collect payment from the Petty Collectors of every township and hamlet in the sd Hundred whose names are scheduled, and is to return the money and account for it at the Exchequer before 1 May next

Schedule referred to is written at foot of doct and is in two columns. After the name of the place are the names of those assessed first those assessed in land and then those assessed in goods. The amounts given are those for which they are liable and are in all cases one-fifteenth of the value in assessment of goods, one-twentieth approx. written against them as assessment. Synopsis;-

Alrewas: Walter Burway, John Butler, Marmaduke Curson, 2s. 8d. each, John Byker, Richard Butler, Widow Fisher, Richard Dorrington, Robert Reynold, ..... Rose, ..... Daniell, ..... Wrig.., ..... ....., Thomas ....., Walter Fr..., 16d.each, in land, total 22s. 8d., and James Dalkes (petty collector), 2s. 0d., Richard Bur..., John Pymme, Walter Butler, Thomas Gilbert, Christopher Smith, John Tomkinson, John Bird, John Paltine, Raffe Byker, Gilbert Doxle.., 3s. 0d. each, and Widow Brown..., Richard Wilson, 4s. 0d.each, in their goods, total 18s. 0d.

Ansley: James Tallier, Edward Mass, John Alsoppe (petty collector), John Harrison and Roger Statham, 3s. 0d.each in their goods, total 15s.

Burton super Trent: John Bradshawe Gent, Alice Marpoll widow, 2s.8d.each, the Feoffees of the towne landes, John Hawkes, 16d.each, Richard Harreson (petty collector) 2s. 8d., ..... ....., 3s. 0d., ..... ..... Gent, 2s. 8d., in land, total 17s .4d., and William Caldwell 4s .0d., John Sleigh, Robert Hide and ..... ....., 3s. 0d.each in their goods, and Margerie Clarke widow and William Burburie 3s. 0d.each in goods, total 47s.

Branson: Thomas Henworth (petty collector) 3s. 0d., William Baxxter 4s. 0d., John Orgill senior, Robert Orgill senior, Elizabeth Bird, 3s. 0d.each in their goods, total 16s. 0d.

Burton extra: Henry Watson 4s. 0d., Robert Watson 3s. 0d., in their goods, total 7s. 0d.

Barre et Alrion: Thomas Scott 5s. 4d., William Freeman 2s. 8d., Thomas Jordon senior, Thomas ....., 4s. 0d. each, ..... Greye (petty collector), William Crosse, Lawrence Gibson, John Wiggen, Thomas Daye, Richard Arrowsmith, 2s. 8d.each, and William Wolrich 21d., in their lands, total 33s. 9d., and Thomas Jorden junior 3s. 0d. in his goods, total 3s. 0d.

..... Regis: Benjamin Hall Gent 3s. 0d., John Roxford 2s. 8d., Edward Hyntes, Henry Mott, William Crosse, Humfrey Trannter, Edward Cottrell, Henry Atle, Richard Piddocke, John Linton, Elizabeth Linton, 16d. each in their land, total 18s. 8d., and Thomas Rochford 4s. 0d., Thomas Browne 3s. 0d., in their goods total 7s. 0d.

Barton subtus Needwood: Walter Horton Esq 8s. 4d., Richard Edward 5s. 4d., Richard Hodges and Thomas Holland 4s. 0d.each, Nathaniell Tem.... Gent 2s. 8d., William Toogood and John Whitinge and ..... ..... 16d. each in their land.........(schedule incomplete, v. notes infra)

Mark: None. Sola Salus Servire Deo/ E:Lo: ...../ B

N.B. This doct was originally bigger for the bottom has been cut off (the lowest surviving line of text is cut off along the middle of the letters) and the indentations have been trimmed off. The sheet of parchment so trimmed has lost the end of the Scedule in the text and the seal labels etc. It had been made into a book cover by folding the top and bottom edges of the sheet upwards and over 1½" and 1" respectively and then turned to that the original bottom edge became the left hand edge, then the original left hand edge, now the top, was folded over 1½" and the original right hand edge, now the bottom, was folded over 1½". The overlapping corners of the fold-over were stitched down with strong twine thread (severed by J. McN. Dodgson 22 March 1955 in order to enable examination of original doct.). Silk tapes were secured to the turned in edges and passed through holes in the parchment to provide fasteners for the cover when in use. The sheet was then folded down the middle. The parchment is stained and decayed in a large area round the spine as folded, half way down, and there it has cracked and a hole has appeared, making for illegibility in the text in some places.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 10½" wide by 14½".
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