RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 25/5
Date15 Aug 1610
DescriptionCopy certified true by Abraham Lister and Tho. Holdsworth

Parties: 1. Arthur Ingram of London Esq, William Ingram LL. D., and Richard Golthorpe of London Gent., 2. Henry Whittakers (alias Whitacres, Whittacres, Whitakers) of Cownall in Skircote son and heir of Edward Witakers the younger late of Skircote county of Yorke dcsd.

Signed and sealed (transcript): ....Ingram, W. Ingram, Richard Golthorpe.

Witnesses of sealing and delivery endorsed (transcript): John Midgley, James Brockdenn, Bryan Boothe, Francis Leighe, Cuthberte Hanson.

Enfranchisement of Copyhold. Bargain and Sale in perpetuity in consideration of £7. 0. 0. at 10d. per annum and 4d. "gressome" (heriot) with rights of way and common appurtenant to the manorial custom and with covenant by party 2 to do suit of court and mill in Halifax manor and parish and to allow distress for arrears of rent etc., and by party 1 to keep harmless party 2 from the chief rent of 33s. 5d. and all other claims and to abide by the rate of mulcture upon suit of mill i.e. one-twentieth of every stroake or half-bushel of corn grown in the manor of Halifax and one-twentyfourth of enry stroake of hard corn and one-thirtieth of every stroake of other corn bought or brought into the sd manor, and with an agreement that oats are to be dried in the Kilnehowses in Halifax at 4d. per horseload; with power of attorney to John Midgley of Headley and Daniel Foxcrofte of Halifax county of Yorke yeomen for entry possession and livery of seisin: of a close called Goffeclose lying upon Halifax moore area 1½ acres and three closes of land and pasture of 1½ acres abutting upon a close called Dragontayle near the Kingecrosse on the east part and Halifax Moore on the west part, lying in Halifax county of Yorke now occupied by Edward Whitakers and lately Surrendered to uses to William Ingram and Richard Goldthorpe by Henry Whittacres who formerly held them at 10d. per annum by Copy of Court Roll of the Manor of Halifax county of Yorke, which manor had been granted to William Ingram and Richard Goldthorpe on a petition of Arthur Ingram of London Esq Comptroller of the Customs and Subsidies in the Port of London, by Letters Patent date at Westm' 10 May 1609 (7 & 42 Jas I) to be held of the King as of his manor of East Grenewich county of Kente [Kent] by fealty in free socage not in chief or by knight-service, at 33s. 5d. per annum for all services.

Endorsed: Certificate of livery of seisin (transcript) 6 July 1615 by John Midgley to Edward Whitacres of Cownall grandfather of Henry Whitacres, signed "per me J. Midgley atturnatum supranominatum", witnesses William Branthwaite, John Bamforth, William Fletcher, Francis Lee (all signatures transcripts).

Mark: None. (1) Old writinges for Branthwaite/Land. (2) Henry Whittacres Infranchisemt/10d. rent 4d. Fyne/ now Jonas Woodes.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 30" wide by 25". Seals: None.
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