RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 9/8
TitleCopy of Court Roll; Halmote of manor and forest of Macclesfeld
Date24 May 1631
DescriptionApud Presthurie infra maner' vel forest' de Macclesfeld.

Suitors: 1. Lawrence Downes of Worth com.Cestr' [Chester] Gent., 2. William Davenport of Widforde [Woodford].

Jurors: Edward Fitton Bt deputy for William earl of Derbie [Derby] steward, Francis Lowe, Thomas Adshed, John Pickford, William Burges clerk of court. Pledge for Fine Lawrence Downes.

Surrender and Admittance (Fine 3s.) for term of 90 years or life of Richard Etchulls and Roger Downes son of Lawrence Downes, at 12s.per annum and a hen at Christmas and the service of one man at harvest, reversion Lawrence Downes, into closes in Hurdesfeld [Hurdsfield] within the manor or forest and lately occupied by Richard Etchulls called les Highfieldes, and a cottage and garden therein; to be held to uses (specified in English at the foot of the doct.) - that Richard Etchulls shall occupy these lands for his lifetime and thereafter Roger Downes for his lifetime or the rest of the term rendering the specified rents and services.

Franked: Burges.

Mark: Rodger Downes
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 20½" wide by 11½"; a large round hole low down on left hand side. Seal: Pendant on label, red, round, 25mm diam, legend illegible, device three legs flexed and cojoined at thigh.
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