RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 13/2
Date22 Apr 1635
DescriptionParties: 1. William Downes of Worth in Pointon [Poynton] co. Chester Esq, Margaret Downes widow his mother, 2. Edward Warren of Pointon [Poynton] afsd Esq.

Signed and sealed: Edward Warren.

Witnesses of sealing and delivery (endorsed): Walter Heatonn, Rodger Warren, William Thomson.

Articles of Agreement concerning coal-mining works in Worth and Poynton with reference to a coal channell or sough at Worth watermill. The Downes's allow Warren the use of a "water chanell or Colesough" in Worth lately used by Lawrence Downes late of Worth Esq dcsd father of William Downes, for the processing of coal found in Warren's land adjoining that of the Downes's, at a royalty of £8 per annum; and they undertake to keep down the water level of their "milne poole a little below the Channell or Sough" and to maintain a flow of water through the sough and not to prevent its clearing away thence through "the auncient watercourse or Damme thereof" so that it will not back into the sough. Warren agrees to compensate them for the consequent idleness of the "Water Milne of the sd. William Downes situate in Worth and standing at the Westend of the saide Milnepoole" at the rate of 20s. per annum and undertakes to grind free of cost the corn of the inhabitants of the demesne house or hall of Worth at his corn mill in Pointon [Poynton], and to allow passage through his Park in Pointon [Poynton] from the Hall of Worth to his mill in Pointon [Poynton]; also he grants to the Downes's a right of way through the grounds of John Booth of Pointon [Poynton] husbandman from the House of Worth to the coalpit or pits of Edward Warren in Corley within Pointon [Poynton] to carry away as much coal as shall be used in the demesne house of Worth. Both parties agree on a fixed price for coal of 6d. per quarter, and agree not to undercut each other on sales.

Mark: A. w. 21 Edw. Warren Colepit Sough/& Milne.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 14" wide by 21". Seal: Pendant on label, a ball of red wax.
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