RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 3/36
Date26 Sep 1673
DescriptionAward made by Richard Legh of Lyme in Hanley Esq and Thomas Legh of the same his brother Gent (Signed and sealed R. Legh, T. Legh, witnessed (endorsed) Richard Asshton, Francis Legh, T. Bowden), arbitrators in a dispute about possession of land and the boundaries of land, between Edward Downes of Shrigley in Pott Shrigley Esq and Edmund Pott of Pott in Pott Shrigley Gent, put to arbitration under Obligations upon the parties in £200 each to abide thereby dated 30 October 1672.

The provisions of the award ascribe ownership of land as follows;-

To Downes in Pott Shrigley a cottage lately occupied by Robert Hollinshead and Rignald Pickford and fields called the Lower Lee, the Higher Lee, the Cooker Meadow, the Jumble Clough, the Seavendayes Work, the Barne feeld, the Croft Feeld, Andrew Meadow, and the Trough Meadow lately occupied by John Andrew and William Allen of Pott Shrigley yeoman all which are held by Pott under Surrender for term of 21 years made by Lawrence Downes Esq dcsd elder brother of Edward Downes Esq to William Allen in trust for Edmund Pott which term expired 25 March 1673) and a right of way through a field called Andrew Flash in Pott Shrigley (held by Pott under Lease by Lawrence Downes for term of three lives not expired) to a cottage called Andrew Howse which right of way is to begin "at the gate leading into the sd Andrew Flash from a field called Stokes Shirt into a fold called Andrew Fould", and a lane called Rakes Lane beginning at a gate in the lower end of the sd lane near Pott Chappell to the moor called Potts Moor except a portion between the meadows called Nico Meadow and Cocker Meadow which portion is awarded to Pott;

To Pott in Pott Shrigley the afsd portion of the Rakes Lane and a parcel of land claimed by Downes adjoining Pott Hall 3 roods broad by 12 roods "severed wth a stone wall from the lower end of a lane called Rakes Lane". Boundary Award;- the boundary of the unfenced lands of Downes's inheritance called the Cooker Meadow, Jumble Clough and Seavendaye Work and of Pott's inheritance contiguous called the Lower Feeld, the Higher Feeld and the Bent, is to be shown by 8 meerstones as follows - (1) marked E.D. at the higher north corner of the orchard on the north side of Pott Hall thence eastward 6 roods up a clough called Cole Clough or Jumble Clough to the second stone, (2) marked E.P. thence eastward 8½ roods up the said clough to the third (3) marked E.D. thence eastward 7½ roods up the sd clough to the fourth (4) marked E.P. thence eastward 10½ roods up the sd clough to (5) marked E.D. thence eastward 17½ roods up the said clough to (6) marked E.P. thence eastward 11½ roods up the said clough to (7) marked E.D. thence ascending eastward 20 roods to (8) marked E.P. thence ascending eastward 20 roods straight to Potts Moore where the said fence ends; the parties are to fence this line in alternate sections, Downes (1) - (2), Pott (2) - (3) etc, before 11 November next; both parties to execute mutual quitclaims of all actions and suits herein within 1 month, save from an action about a close called Six Acre in Pott Shrigley.

Mark: No. 5. 26th Sepr 1673
An Award on lands in Pott Shrigley betwn Edwd Downes Esq & Edmund Pott Gent.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 26" wide by 17". Seals: Two pendant on labels; 1. of R. Legh, red, broken fragment, 2. of T. Legh, red, round, 35mm diam. lump of red wax, effaced.
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