RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 6/9
TitleMap, scale 20 poles = 1 inch
Description"Survey of Some of the lands in Bolington belonging to Edward Dovnes of Srigley in the Covnty of Cheste Esqvire observed Ano Domini 1686".

A compass diagram in red, yellow, black and grey-green with 16 points. Lands are outlined in yellow, blue, red and green. Places named - John Taylers Dole, Adam Jacksons Dole, Jacksons House, Kerich, (also common lands on Kerich belonging to Edward Dale, Samuel Glover and William Shirt), piece of common on Beestall Bank, road from Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] to Macclesfeild [Macclesfield], Mr Staffords Lands, road from Kerich to Bolington [Bollington], Bolington Brook, Mr Cloves Lands, Asps, Great Haukshut, little Haukshut, New Meadow, Oldfield, Little Meadow, Nar Croft, Farcroft, John Dosons Lands, Mr Booths Lands, road from Kerich to Maxfield, New Part, Modehill whitel, Higher Greene, Lowergreene, Kilcroft, Rough Meads, Daymath, Bolington [Bollington] Lands, Towne Field, Soundey Buts, Hardacre, Page Lands, Sich House Lands, Oven House Lands, Shalone Croft, road from Bolington [Bollington] to Maxfield [Macclesfield], Adam Jacksons Lands, Netherhey, Hungerhil, Lower Intack, Little Bent, Lees Lands, road from Bolington [Bollington] to Presbury [Prestbury], Lower Croft, Okeflatt, Sumerhill, Brondritts Lands, Great Bent, Tunstid, Boniwood, Stoney Ridg, Kirkhough, Mr Lees Lands, Mos Meadow.

Mark: None
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 21" wide by 16".
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