RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 6/1
Description(Date appears in superscription written on p.8. - the outside - of the document; v. Mark infra)

Survey of Ed. Downes' Lands &c in Bolington [Bollington], Rana [Rainow], and Hvdsfield [Hurdsfield]. Lands specified under tenancies;-

In Bolington [Bollington], Edward Dale holds Sumerhill Dole, Cunstid, Bonywood, Great Bent, Stoney ridge, Kirkhough, Little Bent, Shaloone croft, Hard Acre, Dole in Saunderbutts, George Burner holds Higher Intack, Lower Intack, Hunger Hill, Nether Hey, Mode hill Whille, New Part, John Plats holds Lower Croft, Oken Flatt, Moss Meadow, Dole in towne field, Philip Oldam holds Higher Greene, Lower Greene, Roughmeadow, Demath, Samuel Glouer holds Nar Croft, Far Croft, Little Meadow, New Meadow, Little Haukshut, Dole in Motrams Meadow, Oldfield, Great Haukshut, Far Broome Field, Nar Broomfield, Asps, Catherine Clarke holds Great Killne Croft, Little Killne croft, Pingle; (also a memorandum that the piece of common land on Beestall Brow belongs proportionably to Samuel Glouer, Lawrence Clark, Thomas Potts and William Shirt).

In Rana [Rainow], Edward Lowance holds Little Meadow, Bank, Great Meadow, Smithey Croft, Burgas Hole, Ouer Slack, Lower Slack, Peece on Kerich, Mr Adget holds Christian croft, peece on side of Kerich, peece on slack More; (memorandum that lands on Slack More are common lands belonging to Samuel Glover, Edward Dale and William Shirt).

In Hvdsfield [Hurdsfield], Robert Hugh holds Over Narburey land, Midle Narburey land, Lower Narburey land, Hugh Green holds Pitt Knowe and Skinpitbotham, Far Bothams, Gorsey field, Far field, Calfe Croft, Higher Field, Marlefield, Barne meadow, and Mary Greens land is not named.

Mark: None. Survey of Bollington Lands etc.
Survey of Bollington Ranow and Hurdsfeild. 1688 Ed Downes's Lands &c.
Physical DescriptionPaper: A booklet of 2 leaves folded and stitched, 4 pp., 6" wide by 8", written pp. 1, 3, 5, 7.
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