RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 3/14
Date20 Sep 1688
DescriptionEndorsed 21 January 1692.

Parties: 1. Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] Esq., 2. Edward Downes Gent his son and heir apparent.

Signed and sealed: Edward Downes, Edw. Downes jun.

Witnesses (endorsed): John Shallcross, Thomas Legh, Jo. Houghton, Edward Davenport.

Covenant in consideration of £300 and provision to be made for Lawrence, Margaret, Ellen and Anne children of Edward Downes senior, to convey to Party 2 an estate created by Indentures of 4 August 1685 and Surrender of 26 April 1686 in a Capital messuage called Shrigley or the Hall of Shrigley in Potshrigley [Pott Shrigley] except a chamber called the White Chamber part of the Hall of Shrigley and a close and a stable in the same Hall called the Coach house stable and the room over it, together with other property in Potshrigley [Pott Shrigley] except Smals or Smales Tenement and in Bollington.

Endorsement: v. infra.

Mark: None. The first Articles 20 Sept 1688.

Endorsement;- 21 Jan.1691/92 at PotShrigly in Coms.Cest. / Int.Edru Downes gen' Quer/ &/ Francis Lyndly & al.Deftes./This paper writing was therat a Joinctour produced/ and shewed to John Shalcrosse Esqr vpon his/ Examination to the Eighth-Inter-rogatory/ on the Complts part./ (signed) Tho: Swettenham. Edw:Davenport.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 4 sheets 15½" wide by 12¾", written recto only, witness and endorsement on p.4. Watermark. Seals: 2 identical, en placard on turn-up, red, octagonal, 15mm diam., device a stag couchant.
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