RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 3/41
Date20 Sep 1688
DescriptionParties. 1. Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] Esq., 2. Edward Downes Cent his son and heir apparent.

Signed and sealed: Edward Downes, Edw. Downes jun.

Witnesses (endorsed): John Shallcross, Thomas Legh, Jo. Houghton, Edward Davenport.

Covenant to convey as from 2 February 1689 for term of life of Edward Downes senior an estate in the Capital Messuage called Shrigley or the Hall of Shrigley and in other copyhold lands in Potshrigley [Pott Shrigley] and Bollington except Smales Tenement and a chamber in the Hall of Shrigley a called Whitechamber and a stable there called Coachehouse Stable and the room over it; created by Indentures 4 August 1685 between 1. Edward Downes senior and Edward his son 2. Thomas Cowper and John Mather Gents 3. Francis Lindley Esq, George Piggot Esq and Thomas Minshall Gent, and a Surrender in the Halmote of Macclesfield 26 April 1686 from Edward Downes senior and Edward his son and Richard Legh Esq (since dcsd) and others to Francis Lindley, George Piggot and Thomas Minshall. This covenant is subject to conditions;- reservation of rights "to digge, sinke, sough, for gette and take Coales and Kannell"; Edward Downes, junior to pay his father £20 before 2 February 1689 and £300 within 4 months and 25s. per week for life; and to maintain and provide for Lawrence, Margaret, Ellen and Anne Downes children of Edward Downes senior; Edward senior is to have the use of the reserved parts of the Hall of Shrigley for life.

Mark: None Mr Downes Agreemt 1688
Physical DescriptionPaper: 5 sheets 12" wide by 14½". Watermark. Seals: 2 identical, en placard on turn-up, octagonal, 14mm diam., device a stag.
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