RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 3/12
TitleLetter of Attorney
Date6 Sep 1697
DescriptionParties: 1. Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] Esq, Edmund Pott of Pott Chappell within Pott Shrigley Gent, Francis Pott his son and heir apparent, Edmund Jodrell of Twemloe Esq., 2. John Lowe of Horderne in Rainowe [Rainow] Gent, John Ouldham junior of Titherington Yeoman.

Signed and sealed: Edm. Pott, Edw. Downes, Francis Pott.

Witnesses (endorsed) for Downes and Edm. Pott: Thom. Carous, Oliuer Toping. For Francis Pott: Cornelius White, Phil. Oakes, William Ouldfeild.

Warrant for the Surrender to be made to the Lord of Macclesfeild [Macclesfield] at the next Halmote of the Manor and Forest, of lands and closes adjacent to le Pott-Milne in Pottshrigley [Pott Shrigley] called le Hawkes yoard and le Smith Croft and others called le Nicho meadow, le Rushie feild, and le Rakes lane, which are to be granted to John Shallcrosse of Stopford Esq.

Mark: None.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 20" wide by 10". Seals: 4 en placard on turn-up, red, oval, 10mm by 13mm, identical, device a bird of the pelican kind on a perch. Duty stamp 6d.
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