RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 15/21
Date12 Apr 1725
DescriptionParties: 1. Charles Hurleston of Pickton, county palatine of Chester, Esq., 2. The Rt. Hon. James earl of Barrymore in the kingdom of Ireland, Sir Richard Grosvenor of Eaton, county of Chester, Bt., Edward Downes of Worth, county of Chester, Esq., Legh Masters of Newhall, county of Lancaster, Esq.

Signed and sealed: Charles Hurleston.

Witnesses of sealing and delivery (endorsed): Thomas Gorst, E: Partington, John Kirk.

Lease in consideration of 10S. for six months, to lead to a Release to be made bearing date the day after this, of part of a capital messuage called Pickton Hall with fields in the township of Pickton, co. Chester, lately held by John Carrington, called Pickton Moore, the Hall Yates, the Intack, the two Ash Hays, the Four Crabtree Hays, the Woollhams Crofts, the Milking bank Feild, the Heath Hay, the Hall Hay; of another part of the said capital messuage and fields in the same township lately held by Robert Newhall, called the Synders, the Six Day Math, the Sleak's Feild, the Sleaks Meadow, the Horse Hay, the Bridge Meadow, the Cow Hay, the Rushy Meadow, the Five Sheep Coat Hays, the three Great Heaths, Caughall Heath, and the Dove House Croft; of a close in Wervin, co. Chester, called Wervin Moore, now held by Charles Hurleston; of a messuage and tenement with fields belonging to it called Rushey Meadow, Hignett's Croft, the East and West Next Heaths, the Little Heath, the Short Parts, the Calves Heath, Marshes Heath, the PockittFeild, the WhiteFeild, the Withen Hays, the Two Ox Pastures, the Four Gorsty Crofts, and the Gorse Hill, in Wervin, lately held by Isaac Pemberton; of fields in Wervin held by Peter Massie of Vpton [Upton], co. Chester, yeoman, called the Two Hoordings, the three lakes Crofts, Hixsons Meadow, Halls Meadow, the Long Meadow, and Stephensons Meadow; of closes called Brooke Croft, Wilcocks Acre, the Long Feild, Newton Townfeild (containing five pieces of land and two Butts), within the Liberties of the City of Chester, lately held by Thomas Poole of the same city, Cordwainer; and of a close within the said Liberties lately held by James Wright of the said city, Innholder, called Wright's Feild.

Mark: B No.38 12th April 1725: 11th George 2d. deed leading to the use of Marriage Settlement between Charles Hurleston and Elizabeth his Wife above mentioned in deed marked B No.37.
Physical DescriptionParchmt: 1 m 30" wide by 21". Seal en placard, red, 13mm diam., a cross. Duty stamps 1s. 6d.
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