RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 20/10
Date26 Mar 1726
DescriptionParties. 1. Jasper Mottershed of Butley, co. Chester, yeoman, 2. Richard Boulton of Prestbury, clerk, Samuel Burges of Warford, wheelwright.

Signed and sealed: Jasper Mottershead.

Witnesses of sealing and delivery (endorsed): Anne Watts, Mary Watts, J. Oldham.

Assignment of Lease of a messuage farm and tenement in Butley formerly held by John Harrop now held by Jasper Mottershead; lease created by Indentures 6 November 1725 between 1. John Legh of Adlington, Esq., 2. Jasper Mottershed, for term of life of Mary wife of Jasper, John Cowper of Meir [Mere], co. Chester, gardner, Judith wife of Edward Cooper of Prestbury, carpenter, daughter of John Harrop; assignment in fulfilment of a Bond of 28 January 1724 from Jasper to Richard Boulton relating to provision to be made for Mary now wife of Jasper Mottershed; lease to be held in Trust to use of Party 1 and his wife or survivor.

Mark: None Jasper Mottershed assignemt to Mr/Boulton & al. in Trust for the use of his wife.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 26" wide by 20". Seals: Three applied, signets, on turn-up, red, round; 1. 15mm diam, device classical, a bust, legend VES SPEC, 2. 14mm diam, device a plumed bird, legend TENONDACA, 3. identical with 2. Duty Stamps: Three, total 1s. 6d.
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