RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 21/46
TitleMemorandum concerning 'Skelhorns Affair' (an action for trespass brought by E. Downes against Robert Skelhorn)

Memor:'s about Skelhorns Affair

Imp: Wheither it be advisable to proceed in Skelhorns matter, since the Act of Parlam'ts (if produced) may prove of great damage to all our Copyhoulders.

Quas: if it be advisable to let any one see the Act, but a Copyholder/ It: Wheither it will not be most advisable (since ............/words, at the will of the Lord, were put into pe bill to go on the......../ msuage, wch: has been time out of mind to get & sell coal/ within their respective lands, the Cole having always been/ Accounted as a part of the copyhold, wch is not at the will of the/ Lord but at a fine certain

Note the Copyholders clame the whole after the first.......... agreem't: quae: wheither.........on the or the first.

Quae: if Cos:Shallcross could perswade Th:Newton to get R fix Akelhorn/ to refer pe matter to Mr S & T N; the may not be the best way in/ the dubious matter

Mark: None.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 1 sheet 8" wide by 6", folded down middle 3" from edge.
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