RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 28
TitleIndenture 3-part
Date23 Sep 1765
DescriptionParties: 1. Peter Downes of the Town of Calcutta in the Kingdom of Bengal, Esq., 2. Lucy Downes his wife, 3. Harry Verelot of Calcutta, Esq. & Peter Gallopine of the same, Gent.

Signed and sealed: P. Downes, Lucy Downes, H. Verelot, Peter Gallopine.

Witnesses (endorsed): John Taylor, William Magee, notary public.

Settlement by party 1 upon party 2 of a house in Calcutta with its contents (listed in a Schedule of Furniture, Plate, Jewels and Slaves); and 40,000 Rupees due upon two Bonds of 20,000R dated 1 January and 1 June 1765 from the Honourable the United East India Company of Merchants of England Trading to the East Indies; and 1,000R cash; and £2,603. 3. 11. in the hands of Archibald Merling of the City of London, Esq.; all conveyed in trust to party 3 (on consideration of 10 Bengal Rupees) to use of party 2. Affidavit 24 September 1765 of William Magee of Calcutta notary public certifying authenticity of the deed, sworn in the Mayor's Court of Calcutta at Fort William in Bengal, and sealed with the seal of court: signed & sealed Ja. Amyalt mayor, John Gould aldm'n.

Mark: None. (in ink) Peter Downes Esq/to/Harry Verelot Esq/Mr Peter Gallopine/Trustees for Mrs Downes/Deed of Seperation with Provision/for his wife and Release of Dower &c/Whittall attorney.
(In pencil) Settlement between P.Downes/& Lucy Downes after Separation/Calcutta 1765.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 5 sheets, three are 30" wide by 20" (the indenture), one is 22" wide by 18" (the schedule), these secured by green tapes through turn-up; one, folded, 4 pp 10" wide by 15" written pp.1, 3, (affidavit) stitched to left edge of schedule. Seals: On indenture, 4, applied on green tapes through turn-up, (1) obscure device, red (P. Downes), (2) red, oval 10mm by 12mm, device a bust (Lucy Downes), (3) red, oval 20mm by 24mm, device heraldic, obscure (Verelot), (4) red, round 17mm diam, device monogram PG (Gallopine). On affidavit, 3, applied, all red, (1) oval 30mm by 35 mm, device (obscure) a figure throned holding a sceptre, with legend (seal of Court), (2 and 3) round 12mm, device a stag couchant (downes, for mayor and alderman).
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