RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 23
TitleIndenture 3-part
Date21 Sep 1779
DescriptionParties. 1. William Wilson of the city of Dublin, bookseller, 2. Mary Craven, youngest daughter of John Craven, Princes Street, parish of Saint Christopher, city of London, merchant, 3. Peter Wilson of Killeny near Bray, county of Dublin, Esq., father of party 1, John Craven afsd., father of party 2, Peter Downes of Butlay [Butley], county of Chester, Esq., Charles Butler of Lincoln's Inn, county of Middlesex, Esq.

Signed and sealed: William Wilson, Mery Craven, John Craven, Charles Butler.

Witnesses of sealing and delivery (endorsed): (for Wilson, Craven and Mary Craven), .....Shorewell in Angel Court in Throgmorton Street, William Wilson clerk to Mr John Craven, (for Butler) the same William Wilson, and John Regan.

Marriage settlement; terms agreed for marriage between parties 1 and 2. Settlement upon party 2 of an Annuity of £60 Irish upon her sutviving her prospective husband ("a Member of the Equitable Annuity Company in Dublin for the benefit of Widows") and of the interest of the sum of £1,000 (secured to her by Bond 24 June 1779, in £2,000, by Robert Tuite of Portman Square, parish of Saint Mary le Bone, county of Middlesex, Esq., which she assigns, on consideration of 5s., for investment in trust to party 3, to her some use for term of joint life of party 1 and 2 thereafter to use of the issue of the marriage by equal shares. Party 1 is debarred from interest in this portion in consideration of the transfer to him by John Craven of £1,000 which was to have been given to party 2 in augmentation of her fortune. Trustees are given power of attorney by party 2 for the negotiation of the Bond; they are to invest the capital proceeds in "the Public Stocks or Funds at Interest upon Government Parliamentary or Real Securities".

Mark: F.No.10. Dated September 21st 1779/ Mr.William Wilson/ and/Miss Mary Craven/Marriage Settlement.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 7 membranes 25" wide by 29", secured by 6 green tapes through turn-up, each tape sealed. Seals: Six, en placard on tapes through turn-up; identical, red, oval, 18mm by 21mm, device, within a border the monogram ED foliated.
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