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ReferenceDDS 31
TitlePapers re diversion and construction of new stretches of roads at Shrigley
DescriptionPapers RE diversion and construction of new stretches of roads at Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], (which produced the present S & W 'perimeter' roads round Shrigley Park, Ord.Surv. 6' maps Cheshire sheet 29 NW and SW)

DDS 31/4: 1792 (33 George III) day and month blank.

Blank form of Contract for making roads in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] before a date (blank), at 21s. per rood (64 sq.yds.) paid at 17s. date (blank), at 21s. per rood (64 sq. yds.) paid at 17s. per rood per week, and 4s. per rood on completion.

Parties: 1. Thomas Falkner of Macclesfield, county of Chester, Paver, 2. Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], county of Chester, Esq.

Subject matter;- a road in the township of Pott Shrigley, county of Chester, from certain rails now set up in a certain Highway in the said Township called Pott Lane and situate opposite to a stone quarry belonging to Edward Downes, to the dwellinghouse of Abraham Sidebotham the elder in Pott Shrigley; another road to branch from the midway of the said road, to be extended to the corner of another highway in Pott Shrigley called the Long Lane. The roads to be cut into the side of a hill called Rough Hill, and a retaining wall to be built there like the breast work of the Turnpike Road near Mr.Brookbank's House in Tytherington.

Mark: None. [Ralph Birchenough & Jas. Brereton/with/Edward Downes Esq.]/A Form of a/Contract to repair the High/ways in Shrigley.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp. 9" wide by 13", written pp. 1 & 2. Watermark. Duty stamp embossed, 2s. 6d.

DDS 31/2: 8 November 1792

An estimate of cost for making an intended new road, with a survey of the ground, signed Thomas Johson (Thomas Johnson).

The Intended New Road In Sigley [Pott Shrigley] belonging to Edwd. Downs Esqr. the Length from the Rails in Pott Lane to Sidebothams Cornar Is 42 Chains from Sidebothams to Cuney Green IS 18.20 Total 60.20. The Ould Road Is 45 Chains The Diferace Is 15.20. The Rise and falls in the New Road Do. from the Rails in Pott Lane to the Top of Boden Ground Rises one and a quarter inches per yd. from Do. to the hollow in The first Pastuerfield to be Raised 3 feet and Drops 3 Inches in the yard from Do. to Sidebothams Drops 3 Inches in the yard.

An Estemate for making the Intended New road The road to be formed 8 years Wide to be Stoned Six yards Wide to be 18 inches thick in the Crown, and 12 Inches at the Sides and to be Done in a good Workman Like Maner, 99 Rood at 25s. per. £123. 15. 0d. Do. in the bank, 16 Rood at 27s. per £21. 12s. 0d. (total) £145. 7. 0.

Novm. 8th 1792/Thomas Johson.

Mark: None. Estimate of my/New Road/1792/by Johnson.

Paper 1 sheet 8" wide by 13".

DDS 31/6: 10 October 1793 at Macclesfield in the Hundred of Macclesfield, county of Chester.

Letters of appointment.

A printed pro-forma in p. 2 of a booklet "An Abstract/of the/Acts/for the/Preservation of the public High ways,/made the 13th and 14th of George III./ -----appointment of Edward Downes of Pott Shrigley Esq., surveyor of the Highways of that township for one year, according to the Statute of which an abstract is attached; by J. Glegg, and H. Off. Wright, (signed), J.P's.

Mark: 47.9.11 1793/Appointment of E.D./overseer of the Roads/in Shrigley.

Paper: 4 sheets 11" wide by 9", folded 16 pp., a booklet, printed, "CHESTER; Printed by W. Read, near the Eastgate."
Seals: Two wafered blobs of wax.

DDS 31/7: 1793-4 (after 10 October 1793, v.31/6)

Draft of Proposals made by Edward Downes Esq & Peter Brooke, Overseers of Highways in the Township of Pott Shrigley, for acceptance by the principal inhabitants, for the maintenance of reads there;- 1. A highway in the township between Spuley Bridge at the entrance of Adlington, is under Indictment (by J.P's.) and is liable to levy a fine; 2. The other highways in the township need attention. 3. Edward Downes Esq., Overseer, proposes (a) out of his own pocket to make a new road half a mile long entirely through his own land, from a certain place in the [Pott Lane] old road now under Indictment, nearly opposite the stone quarry in Pott Bank, to another place in the [same Lane] said old road now under Indictment by the house of Abraham Sidebotham, where it will rejoin with the old road and also with the Coney Green Road (the said new road likewise communicating by a short new piece with a certain road leading to Macclesfield called the Long Lane; (b) in return for the land occupied by the old roads, and an[under] levy [for [the work] of 6d. in the £ upon the Township for the maintenance of the work.

Mark: None. 1793 or 94/Copy of Terms/Proposed to the Township/ of Shrigley relative to/ the Highroads.

Paper: 6 sheets 9" wide by 13", inside 1 sheet 17" wide by 13" folded 4 pp. 9" wide by 13"; 16 pp., written one side only, 7pp. numbered. Watermark.

DDS 31/1: 20 March 1795

Valuation; estimated yearly value of land occupied by Roads in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], an old road occupying 1 acre 2 roods 23 perches at 18s. 6d. per acre, annual value less taxes £1. 5. 10¾; a new road occupying 3 roods 13 perches, at 38/- per acre, annual value £1. 10. 9; values calculated over 27 years £34. 19. 2¼ & £41. 10. 3. respectively, difference £6. 11. 0¾. The old Road in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] from Widow Higginbotham's to Pott Bank 3 roods 3 perches, from the 4 lane ends to long lane 1 rood 30 perches from Normanshall to the Hand post 1 rood 30 perches. The New Road in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] from Normanshall Farm to Pott Bank 3 roods, the cross Road into Long Lane 13 perches.

Mark: None. Old and New Roads in/Shrigley/20th March 1795.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp 7" wide by 8", written pp. 2 & 3, with a sheet 6" wide by 2" written one side only, pinned to p. 2. Watermarks.

DDS 31/3 : Two documents, (1) & (2), (2) being folded inside (1).

DDS 31/3 (1): c.1795 (after July 10th 1795, v. 31/1, 31/2)

Estimates and valuations of land surveyed for new roads in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], "according to the Survey, Estimate, & Orders admitted, passed, & signed by John Glegg Esqre & Edwd. Thornycroft Esqre Two of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the Hundred of Macclesfield County of Chester --- July 10th 1795".

Dimensions and Valuations: Old Road from Normanshall Farm House to the old Finger Post 464 yds by 8 yds + 3 roods 2 perches; from the old finger post to the Bollington + Boundary 352 yds by 8 yds = 2 roods 13 perches; from coney Green Public house to the old finger post 470 yds by 8 yds = 3 roods 4 perches; from the old finger post to Pott Bank Stone Quarry 432 yds by 8 yds = 2 roods 34 perches. Total of old Roads in Shrigley 1718 yds by 8 yds = 2 acres 3 roods 13 perches at 10s. per acre, worth £1. 8. 3. per annum, which at 27 years purchase is £38. 2. 9. full value. A piece of old road in Bollington from the + Boundary to the turning of Long Lane at Hill Top Gate is 220 yds by 8 yds = 31 perches which at 10s. per Acre is worth 1s. 10½. per annum which at 27 years purchase is £1. 18. 8½. full Value. New Road in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] from Normanshall Farm House to Pott Bank Stone Quarry 880 yds; from a part of the Cockshut meadow where the other branch strikes out to another part of the said Meadow where Shrigley is bounded by + Bollington 40 yds; total in Shrigley 920 yds by 8 yds = 1 acre 2 roods 3 perches at 20s. per Acre worth £1. 10. 4½. per annum which at 27 years purchase is £41. 0. 1½. full value. From the place in + Bollington last mentioned to the turning of the Long Lane near Hill Top Gate is 80 yds by 8 yds = 20 perches, which at 20s. per acre per annum is worth 2s. 6d. per annum, which at 27 years purchase is £3. 7. 6. full Value.

Mark: None.

Paper: 1 sheet 8" wide by 10".

DDS 31/3 (2): c.1795 (v.31/1, 31/2, 31/3(1))

Plan, folded inside 31/3(1), of old and new roads in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Edward Downes's proposed alterations. This is a sketch of the plan drawn in colour in 31/5, q.v. The point marked + on this plan is the "old finger post". Plan involves removal of a four-lane cross roads where roads met from Macclesfield, Pott, Adlington and Lime (at a finger post now no longer on map, at a point now included in Shrigley Park acc. to O. S. 6" (1911 Edition) sheet 29 NW & SW), and the construction of a new road to "the house" (Shrigley Hall).

Mark: None. Edwd. Downes Esqrs/Plan of Old &/New Roads in Shrigley.

Paper: 1 sheet 10" wide by 15". Watermark.

DDS 31/5: 1795 (cp.31/3(2))


Plan of old roads (in brown) and parts of them removed (shaded), and of New roads constructed (yellow) in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley]. The Map shows Shrigley Hall, the old and new private roads to it, and the roads to Pott, Macclesfield, Adlington, and Lyme, old and new. The old roads met at a four-lane ends with a finger post which cross-roads are abolished by diversions.

Mark: None. 1795, Plans, Valuations &c/of old Roads diverted &/ New ones made by E.D./in Shrigley.

Paper: 1 sheet 15" wide by 13", cracked along fold across.
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