RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 25/6
TitleIndenture 4-part
Date5 Nov 1803
DescriptionParties: 1. Bridget Downes formerly of Totteridge county of Hertford, now of West Cowes, Isle of Wight, county of Southampton, spinster, 2. Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], county of Chester, Esq., 3. William Starkie of Manchester, county of Lancaster, merchant, William Panter the younger of Idol Lane, Tower Street within the liberties of the city of London, merchant, 4. Charles Cooke of Macclesfield, county of Chester, gentleman

No signatures and no witnesses.

Unexecuted assignment of mortgage; party 1 assigns to party 4, to secure £500 she has borrowed from him, a share of £500 in her interest (£5,000) in a mortgage, this assignment being voidable if repayment be made on 5 May 1804. Mortgage refferred to was created by Surrender acc. to custom of Manor & Forest of Macclesfield 15 January 1799, of premises named hereunder, by party 2 to party 1 and Sarah Downes, to uses specified in Indenture of Defeasance 15 January 1799 between 1. Bridget & Sarah Downes, 2. Edward Downes, viz;- for securing to them £7,400 lent by them to him, a mortgage terminable on repayment 15 July 1799. Party 1's interest now in part assigned was created by Surrender in Manor & Forest afsd., 28 September 1801 (41 George III) of same premises, by Bridget, Sarah and Edward Downes, to party 3, to uses specified in Indenture 3-part same date between 1. party 3, 2. party 1 & Sarah Downes, 3. party 2, viz:- to secure £6,500 (outstanding balance of the mortgage debt of £7,400 afsd) paid that day to Bridget & Sarah Downes by party 3 in discharge of the mortgage debt, this transferred mortgage voidable on repayment by party 2 of £6,500 to party 3 on 28 March next; declaring that this £6,500 was the joint property of Bridget & Sarah Downes, by shares of £5,000 & £1,500 respectively, and that party 3 were to hold the mortgaged premises in trust until each share was repayed. Premises are certain messuages farms and tenements in Pott Shrigley county of Chester, within the manor & forest of Macclesfield, then (15 January 1799) in occupation of William Alcock, James Bayley, Thomas Snape, John Allum, John Onwin, Robert Cotterell, James Orme, the executors of John Adshead, Samuel Harding, Thomas Allen, Richard Brown, Joseph Board, Samuel Hooley, William Summerland, Francis Swindells, James Beard and George Unwin, John Adshead, John Allen, Edward Broadhurat James Browne, William Bayley, Joseph Swindells and the Overseers of the Poor of Pott Shrigley, a water corn mill in Pott Shrigley in occupation of Robert Cotterell, a chief rent of £2. 9. 4. per annum issuing from copyhold lands in Pott Shrigley called Ridacre Farm and other lands formerly the inheritance of the Rt. Hon.the earl of Barrymore dcsd., and afterwards of James Watson, Gent.

Mark: None. Miss Downes to Mr C. Cooke, Assignment of part of Mortgage Monies for securing £500 and Interest.

Not executed E.D. (in another hand).
Physical DescriptionParchment: 3 membranes secured by 4 green tapes through turn-up, two left-hand tapes sealed. Seals: Two applied to green tape in turn-up, red, (1) octagonal 18mm by 20mm, device a crest, a stag; (2) oval 25mm by 22mm, heraldic, crest a stag, over a shield per pale, dexter quarterly sable? 1 & 4 a stag 2 & 3 a leg, sinister argent? A fees sable? six cross crosslets fitchy 3 & 3. Duty stamps 45 shillings, 15s. per membrane.
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