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ReferenceDDS 1/17
TitleA bundle of five documents
Date1 Jan 1794 to 11 Mar 1816
DescriptionHere calendared in order of date, but numbered in order of appearance in bundle.

DDS 1/17,(4)

1 January 1794


Parties: 1. The Rev. Henry Offley Wright of Mottram St.Andrew, clerk, Lawrence Wright of the same, Esq., Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Esq., 2. Peter Brooke of Butley, Gent.

Signed and sealed: Peter Brooke.

Witnesses endorsed: William Massey.

Counterpart lease for term 22 years at monthly rent of one quarter-share of contracting parties and annual rent to Downes of £50, (with reference had to terms of Indenture of Lease 26 October 1780, Peter Downes of Shrigley, Esq., dcsd., father of this Edward Downes, to Peter Brooke, for term of 31 years, of Coal Mines in Shrigley), of mining rights in all the lands of the late Peter Downes of Shrigley in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], and in certain farms and messuages there called Berristall (or Birristall) and Pott Hall, and in fields called the Barn Field, the lower field, the Pool tail, the Jack Gate Meadow, the far meadow, the long field, the Croft, the well field, the little meadow, the Barnfield, the Wallet, the Larkfield, the Cockshut Meadow, the Nook, the Barnfield, the Lower Meadow, the cut Croft, Hallow Meadow, the well field, the little meadow, the Barnfield, the Barn Croft, the Dam Meadow, the Brow, the mill croft, the little meadow, the Spout Croft, the Cart House Croft, The Meadow, the Dew'dfield, the Meadow, the Higher patch, the middle patch, the lower patch, the Gibhill, the meadow, the Longfield, the Paddock field, the Higher field, the spout croft, the Wheat Croft, the Torkington field, and in a farm called Hixton's and fields called the Great Meadow, the little Meadow, the Barley croft, the Marlea Earth, the Common piece, the Intake, the Croft, the Higher Castlefield, the lower Castlefield, the Nook, the Hollow Meadow, the Gorsty Oak Ridge, the Great Oak Ridge, the Great Oak Ridge Meadow, the Old School House Croft, the Toppings Meadow, the House, the Wards Meadow, the School, the Smithy Croft, the spout Croft, the Rushy field, the Meadow, the parts, the Coney Green, the Arkhill field, the White Gate Croft, the Dock Ridding, the Far Oak Ridge, the Near Oak Ridge, the croft orchard, Flatt Heald, Pott Bank, Warrick field, Church field, Mill Brow, near over Hey, far over Hay, and in a farm called Broom's and fields called Broom meadow, the little Carr, the Great Carr, the Hulmes Wood, the Church Meadow, the Brook house Croft, the Race field, the Lower Longlands, the Mosspit Meadow, the Limed Ground, the Yeald, the Higher Long Lands.

Mark: None. The Reverend Henry Offley Wright and others to Mr. Peter Brooke;-- Counterpart Lease of Coal Mines in Shrigley. 1st January 1794.

Parchment: 2 membranes 33" wide by 26", joined at foot by loops at bottom corners and seal tapes in middle. Text runs from m2 to m1. Pricked and Ruled. Seal en placard on a green tape through turn-up, red, oval signet, 14mm by 22mm, device an urn with flowers. Duty Stamps 2s. 6d. each membrane.

Note; document contains many technicalities of mining coal.

DDS 1/17, (5)

1 January 1794


Parties: 1. The Rev. Henry Offley Wright of Mottram St.Andrew, clerk, Lawrence Wright of the same, Esq., Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Esq., 2. Peter Brooke of Butley, Gent.

Signed and sealed: Edward Downes.

Witnessed en dorse: Cha. Cooke.

Lease for term 21 years at £89 per annum to the Wrights and £32 to Downes, with reservation of rights of way and game, conditions of tillage and crops, maintenance of pew in Pott Chapel and obligation to grind at Shrigley Mill, with reference to Indenture of Lease 26 October 1780 for 22 years (10 still to run) by Peter Downes, Esq., dcsd., to Peter Brooke, and Indenture of Lease 21 May 1791 for 21 years (10 still to run) by Peter Downes to Thomas Broadhurst of Shrigley, yeoman. Lands and property in Shrigley alias Pott Shrigley; fields called the Calf Croft, the Higher Meadow, the Higher Field, the Dirtyfield, the Old Woman's Meadow, the Moor, the Higher Croft, the sheep pasture, the Great Elly Bank, the Ferney Hole meadow, the brown brow, the Ferney Hole, the Little Elly Banks, bakestonedale, the Higher Horsepasture, the lower Horsepasture, the Further cote meadow, the nearer cote meadow, Hurst's moore, pott moore, the Croft; tenements called Jonas's and Dean's; fields called the Patch, the Smith's Croft, the Lower Nicholls meadow, the Higher Nicholls meadow, the Hongue Shird, the Flash Andrew's field, Andrew's brow, the Longfield, Andrew's meadow, the Barn field, the Cross field, the six acres, Jonas's Bottoms; a messuage called Broomes, and fields called Bakes Lane, the Briery field, alias the Barnfield, the Higher field, the seven days work, the Lee, the Lee meadow; a messuage called Pott Hall and fields called the Upper field, the Ashtree field, the Upper Clough field, the Lower Clough field, the coalpit field, the Shore meadow, the House meadow, the Croft, the Mill Croft, the Barn Croft, the Dam meadow, the Brow, the Broom's meadow, the little Carr, the Higher meadow at Bakestonedale tenement, the Lee (a close) at Pott Hall tenement; Pott Chapel and Shrigley Mill.

Mark: None. The Rev.Henry Offley Wright and others to Mr. Peter Brooke. Lease of several Messuages and Tenements in Shrigley. Term 21 yeares. Rent £120. 1st January 1794.

Parchment: 1 membrane 35" wide by 28", pricked and ruled, a hole left hand side 8" from edge half-way down, and another at bottom left corner. Seal en placard on a piece of tape threaded in turn-up, red, oval signet, 10mm by 15mm, effaced. Tapes for two more seals have not been used. Duty stamps 2s. 6d.

Note; doct gives information on practice in Crop Rotation and land utilisation at the time.

DDS 1/17, (1)

11 November 1815

Draft agreement

Parties: 1. Edward Downes, 2. Thomas Brooke.

Witnesses: Thomas Pickford, William Starkie.

Preliminary draft of agreement on terms of a Lease to be made; term 14 years; conditions recommended and attested by William Sharratt and William Clayton (who sign); of coal mines (in Shrigley) [Pott Shrigley].

Mark: None.

Paper: 1 leaf 8" wide by 9", stained, tattered at edges, cracked at folds.

DDS 1/17, (2)

11 March 1816

Draft of terms of intended Lease from Edward Downes to Thomas Brooke of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Gent., for 14 years, of the Bakestondale Colliery in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], and certian mining rights, at a rent of fixed proportions of the monthly sales of sweet coal, smut coal, and of the quantity produced of coke and best coal. A payment to be made of £1,000 down on completion and signature of Lease. Mining rights on specified conditions are granted in lands the inheritance of the said E.D. within the following boundaries;-

From the lowest level pit that has been worked and is now open at or near the (Bottom or) South Westwardly Corner of Bakestonedale on the North [Westwardly] side of the Public High Road leading [eastwardly] upwards from Pott [Pott Shrigley] towards the Brink, and

Thence forward in an eastwardly direction upwards all along the North side of the said High Road to a point in the Sponds Wall which separates the Townships of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] and Lyme Handley opposite and nearly adjoining to Bakestonedale House,

Thence Northwardly following the said Boundary Wall between the Townships of Shrigley and Lyme Handly so far as the said lands....of E.D. extend to the place in the said Wall where a certain piece of Moor Land in Shrigley the Property of Edward Alcock begins, thence turning downwards in a westwardly direction along the Boundary Wall between the Moorlands of the said E.D. and the said piece of Moorland the property of the said Edward Alcock for the length of .....Rods of usual yards & the Rod by actual admeasurement to a meer stone now put down near to the said boundary wall and from the said meer stone in a Southwardly direction pointing as straight as a line can be marked out across the lower end of the Moors to the said lowest level pit at the bottom or Southwestwardly corner of Bakestonedal first above mentioned.

Mark: None.

Paper: 2 sheets 9" wide by 13", folded once, 8 pp; text pp. 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

DDS 1/17, (3)

11 March 1816

Draft terms of intended Lease, for 14 years at £230 per half-year, to Mr. Thomas Brooke, determinate with the Lease of Bakestonedale Colliery same date, with conditions of tillage, cropage, maintenance of pew in Church, etc. Premises:- Pott Hall at Pott within Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], and the following parcels of land therewith -- the Shore Meadow, a small close behind the barn called the Hole Howse, three fields one after the other eastwards from this which are part of the estate of Port Hall purchased by E.D. from Mr. Beech and lately occupied by the late Peter Brooke and his executors, the Rake Lane, the Barn Field, the Higher Barn Field, the Seven Day Work, the Lee Meadow, the Lee, Jonas's Bottoms, the Patch, the Smithy Croft, the Lower Nicholl's Meadow, the Higher Nicholl's Meadow, the Hogue Shered, the Flash Andrew's Fold, Andrew's Brow, Long Field, Andrew's Meadow, Andrew's Barn Field, Crop Field, and the lower part of the Six Acres; a strip of the north side of the Kiln Field, Mobberley Wood Meadow, and a strip of a field called the Mobberley Field belonging to the Beristal Hall estate. All in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley].

Mark: None.

Paper: 1 leaf 9" wide by 13" folded once, 4 pp. Watermark dated 1814.

Note; there is a reference to "Mr. Harrison's Lease".
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