RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 32
TitleA bundle of 3 documents
Date31 Aug 1818 to 1819
DescriptionA bundle of 3 documents; 1 and 2 folded inside 3, secured with thin string

DDS 32/1

31 August 1818 Shrigley

Copy of letter to John Smith Daintry Esqre., John Ryle Esq., Edward Smyth Esq., & Francis Newbold Esq., from E.D. (Edward Downes).

Mark: None.

Paper: 1 sheet folded 4 pp. 8" wide by 9", written pp.1, 2, 3., folded inside 32/3 with 32/2.

DDS 32/2

No date

Memorandum in 3 columns - names, acreages, money; presumably relating to mortgages. Names, Mr. Darcey, Mr. Brocklehurst, Daintry & Ryle, Ryle, Clancey. Total acreage 1,687 acres, 2 roods. Total sum £2,011. 11. 5.

Mark: None.

Paper: 1 sheet, 8" wide by 5", written one side only; folded inside 32/3 with 32/1.

DDS 32/3



Memorandum of mortgages and bond debts secured upon portions of the estates of Mr Downes (or E:D:, - Edwards Downes of Shrigley) [Pott Shrigley]. A list of mortgaged Estates with map references, with amounts and names of creditors written against them, followed by a list of Lots, map referenced by numbers, for the sale of the estate. (Map not found).


No.1. The house and land purchased from Miss Wood in Bollington, £2357. 10. 0. to Mr. Glancey. No.2. All the land in Bollington (excluding Clancy's) and the land in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] marked No.2., £9090, to Mr. Brocklehurst and £2,700, to Mr. Panter. No.3. Land in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] £2150 to Mr. Darcy. No.4. Lands bought of Mr. Beech in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] & Rainow £6100 to Mr. Ryle. No.5. All the remainder of lands in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] and the coals in the estate under those lands, £25300 Messrs Daintry & Ryle, and £2500 to Mr. Cooke's executors. Bond Debts Mr. Davenport £1000, Mr. Hibbet £1100, Mr. Legh £4000, Mr. Rickford £525, Matthew Arnold £800, Miss Duncalfs £580, Richard Jackson £200, Mrs. Washington £160, grand total £58562. 10. 0., also, to Miss Downes £4500, Jacon Simpson £60, Mrs. Mary Slater £50, Mr. William Henshall £100, Mr. Swarbrick £300, Rev. J.Basnett £300. Bankers Notes owing to Mr. Metcalf £50, George Priestnall £50, Frances Washington £50, Widow Bant £20, William Rixon £20, Thomas Snape £90, Tho. Ainsworth £120, David Willott £100, John Unwin £50. Sundries £1000. Ultimate grand total £65422. 10. 0.


Lot 1. New Bridge House with the field behind it, the house adjoining inhabited by Thomas Sutton, the cottages bought of William Henshall close to it, 180.181.182. Lot 2. Golden Green. 184. & the Freehold Cottage & garden adjoining bt. of Abraham Sidebotham 183. Lot 3. The field on the west side of the Owl-hurst Lane. 185, 186, 187, 188. Lot 4. Saml.......'s house and land 189.190.191. Lot 5. A small Field adjoining the Land of Mr. George Antrobus on the west side of New Road.179. Lot 6. 197 on the east side of the New Road. Lot 7. 198 do. Lot 8. 199 do. Lot 9. 200 do. Lot 10. Cockshutt Hey Farm on West Side of New Road. 170. including to 117 including Lot in lease 13 years unexpired to Mr. Ryle for £63. Lot 11. Nab-House & Lands held by Ralph Kinder, Hill Top Houses & all the remaining Lands of Nab & Hill Top now in a Ley. Lot 12. A field on the West Side of Long lane 165. & a small part adjoining in the garden of James Gibson for which he pays 2s. per annum.

In Rainow.

Lot 13. Part of Hedgerow on the South side of Hedgerow Lane. Lot 14. Joseph Potts' House with the lands to the North of the Hedgerow lane. 227.228.229 & 236.

In Shrigley.

Lot 15. Lower House & Gardens & all in the lands between the New Road & the Spuley Bridge Road from the Bottom upwards to a Line to be drawn from the North East Corner of the Wall of the Front Court of the Lower House in the direction of the said North Wall of the Spuley Bridge Road. 201.202. part of 203.& 205. Lot 16. Beristow Hall [Berristow] and lands from 213 including to 225 including all in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] & 226 a small piece in Rainow to give the privilege on both sides of the Brook to dam up the same, and also the North brow of 244 excepted out of Lot 17. Lot 17. John Jackson's tenement let for 24 years or the lives of himself & wife or survivor for £40 from 237 including to 244 including except to the Brow on the North side of 244. Lot 18. 246 & 253 Beristow Upper Moor. 245. the Twenty Acre. 257. the six Acre & Pott Hall, House, gardens & lands 258 - 272. including & the North End of 256. Lot 19. Moses Jackson's Farm, Bakestonedeale House, 249 - 252 including, 254, 255. Lot 20. 248. all the land on the south side the Road above Bakestonedale House lands. Lot 21. Ridacre Hall & John Brown's tenement & other lands on the West side of the Road leading to Lyme from 49 including to 64 including Lot 22. Lands to the Eastward of the Road leading to lyme 65.66; 67 & 68, in lease for term of Lives; 87 - 91 including & the Houses in Lease for lives 41. & the Meadow 42 also in the same lease. Lot 23. George Clayton's House 71. & the lands behind it 69. 70.72. & those below the Road in front of it 39.40.43.-48 including Lot 24. Birchen Cliff house and lands 82 - 86 including 92. and the Brow 73. Lot 25. Burton's lands with the Barn and old house thereon 36-38 including, 74 & 75. & John Unwin's Leasehold Cottage adjoining the above old house. Lot 26. The remaining Leasehold Houses at Unwin Pool & George Allens House & lands 14 - 35 including Lot 27. John Hallam's House & Lands 77 - 81 including & the Meadow in front of his house under the Park Wall 112. Lot 28. Normanshall Farm & lands from No.1. to No.12 including, & the Blake Hey Wood 13. & the Cow Pastures 152. Lot 29. Shrigley Hall gardens Park & Plantations & all the remaining lands & houses both in Lease for lives and otherwise not included in any of the above Lots. (To Lot 29 here is added a list of "what E.D. would wish to retain to the last - & if possible keep for himself";- the patronage of the Church, all the cottages in the Village of Pott, the 3 cottages & gardens & pieces of waste appurtenant on the Lower Green, the 3 cottages and gardens on the Smithy Hill, the small croft at Pott late Badley's leasehold, the 4 meadows at Pott called the Church Meadows, a few roods of ground to be taken out of Pott Bank behind the School House and some of the afsd cottages, the Hulme's Wood and the small Cockshutt Meadow and the round Plantation above it, Edward Unwin's Farm except the Parts, which he now holds included in Lot 15 and meant to be sold with the Lower House; viz:- 130 - 132 including & a few Roods behind these houses to be taken out of Pott Bank; 133 - 155 including, the North End of 203; 204, 206 - 212 including

Mark: None. Mem. of Estate/Mortgages &c &c/Mortgage &/ Bonded debts/in 1819 on/the Estate of Shrigley/F.D.P.

Paper: 3 sheets folded 12 pp 9" wide by 13", written pp. 1 - 5, 7, 11. Watermark.
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