RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 33
TitleA bundle of 16 documents
Date13 Nov 1683 to 25 Dec 1824
DescriptionA bundle of 16 documents tied up in red tape. Here calendared in order of date, and numbered in order of appearance of in bundle

DDS 33/5

13 November 1683 (35 Chas.II)


Parties: 1. Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], county of Chester, Esq., 2. Lawrence Valentine of Hulme, county of Lancaster, yeoman.

Signed and sealed: Lawrence Valentine X his marke.

Witnesses: Thomas Heyricke, Ralph Jackson.

Articles of Agreement concerning terms of a lease of the premises to party 2, to run from 2 February (1684) for 21 years (terminable by party 2 every 7th year) at £15 per annum, with rights of distress for default; and a bond in £30 of party 2 for observance of terms. Premises;- a messuage in Chorlton Roe now in the possession of one Edmund Lowe.

Mark: No. 3 1683/Agreemt between Edd/Downes of Shrigley and/ and Laurence Valantine.

Paper: 1 sheet 12" wide by 15", written both sides. Watermark. Seal applied, octagonal, 18mm by 14mm, red, device a stag leaping.

DDS 33/10

17 January 1692 (endorsed 21 January 1692)


Valuation per annum of the Copyhold land of Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], county of Chester, Gent., in Pott Shrigley, Bollington, Hurdsfield & Rainow, made (signed at foot of each column) by Thomas Davenport, with his certificate "The above mentioned particulars containe a true yearly of the premisses estimated by mee". Endorsement;- "21 Jan.1691 (-1692) at Pott Shrigley in Com. Cestr. [Chester] Int.Edward Downes gen. Quer. & Francis Lyndly & al. Deftes. This paper writing was then at a Com. produced & shewed to Thomas Davenport upon his Examination on the plts part", (signed) Tho. Swettenham, Edw. Davenport.

Abstract of contents;-

Shrigley: Shrigley Demaine £70, Andrew Leiuing £18, Normanshall Liuing [Leiuing?] £20, Thomas Clayton £5, Hilltopp tenement £20, Ralph Vnwin £4, Kerkes tenement £2, The Mill £8, William Simson £1, William Wild £1, James Echewes £18, Roger Geskell £18, Rixons tenement £18, John Ban £13, Reginald Allin senior £7, Richard Harrop £4, Francis Low £4, Downes & Williamso..tenement £6, Thomas Greene £7, Smales Dauemport & Redfernes tenement £18, Thomas Echewes £7, Henry Pott £9, Edward Allin £4, Mr. Pott £5, William Allin £4, Jonas Haywood £2, Thomas Hall £2, William Turner 2s., Lawrence Vnwin 2s., Thomas Dauemport 3s. 4d., Thomas Platt 3s. 4d., Edward Leinesley 10s., William Heapes 1s., Thomas Snape 1s. 8d., Widow Coates 1s., Widow Clarke 3s., Thomas Holland 10s., Humphrey Browne 1s., William Bulley 2s., George Clayton 4s. 6d., Joseph Snape 3s. 4d., Robert Boden £4, Wards tenement £2, Widow Heapes £7; Total £311. 6. 2.

Bollington: Thomas Pott £22, Edward Dale £18, Samuel Glover £12, John Plat £6, Philip Oulddum £4, Katharine Clarke 2s.

Hurdsfeild [Hurdsfield]: Hugh Greene £13, William Whelton £1, Mary Greene 1s.

Rana [Rainow]: Edward Lownes £8, Christians tenement £3. 10. 0.

Chief Rents; Riddycar [Rivacre] house £2. 9. 4., Swansco Parke 2s., Shotwicke house 1s. 4d., Brundritt house 9d. Total £90. 6. 5., Grand total £401. 12. 9.

Mark: No.9. The particulars of the value/of Mr. Downes Copyhold/ Estate. 17.Janry.1691

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp.7" wide by 16"

DDS 33/14

12 February 1695


Bond in £200 given by Francis Lyndley of Bowling, com. Ebor., Esq., for the transfer to legatees when they are of age, and for the indeminty meantime of Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Esq., therein, of £100, being a half (other half held by Edw. Downes) of the sum of £200 paid (in pursuance of a Decree of the Court of Chancery of the County Palatine of Lancs., 20 December 1694, upon Bill of Complaint exhibited per Edwd. Downes by Lawrence, Margaret, Eleanor & Anne Downes, infants, seeking payment of £50 each due) under the Will of Rawstorne Lever Gent dcsd, to the children's guardians (Lyndley and Edw. Downes), by the executors, Otho Holland of Pendleton, county of Lanc., Gent., and Robert Ravald of Kersall, same county, Gent., to whom Downes and Lyndley are bound in £400 by Bond 11 February 1695, to procure releases when the children are of age, and meantime to indemnify the executors from all claims.

Signed and sealed: Fran. Lindley.

Witnesses of sealing & delivery: William Marsh, Robt. Pigot.

Latin & English
Mark: No.14 (1) Mr. Lidleys Bond relating/the Children 1694 (2) Bro:Indley Bond/concerning the Children.

Paper: 1 sheet 12" wide by 15", written 1 side. Watermark. Seal applied, red, round, 13mm diameter, device a griffin's head.

DDS 33/3

15 January 1702

Chancery Court Order

Order consequent upon a petition by Plaintiff submitted to the Rt. Hon.the Master of the Rolls, giving Plaintiff power to call defendant Edward Downes as a witness in the hearing of an action between 1. Edward Downes Esq., plaintiff, 2. Francis Lindley, Edward Downes, Esqs., George Piggott, Thomas Minshall & others, defts.

Signed: Edw. Goldesbrough, Dep. Reg.

Latin & English
Mark: None. 15 Jan 13 W & M/The order to examine/Mr Downes the eldr as/ a witnesse.

Paper: 1 sheet 7" wide by 12". Watermark.

DDS 33/8

31 October 1713


Parties: 1. Richard Watt for Edward Downes of Worth, county of Chester, Esq., 2. William Watson of Bollington, same county, "ston-getter".

Signed: Richard Watt, William Wattson.

Witness: Jo. Stafford.

Agreement on terms of a Lease of premises from 25 March 1714 for 3 years at £4. 10. 0. (memorandum post script -- reservation of right to get and carry away stone & slate). Premises;- messuage in Bollington now in possession of Francis Hall except the Stone Delf in the premises now in possession of Simeon Upton.


Mark: No.7. (1) 1713/William.Watsons Agreement for/Francis Hales House &/ Ground in Bollington. (2) William Watson's Agreement/for Francis Hall's/ house & Ground in/Bollington 1713.

Paper: 1 sheet 9" wide by 13", written one side only. Watermark.

DDS 33/9

7 December 1715


Discharge by the Deputy Lieutenants for the county (Chester) of the Estate & Lands of Edward Downs of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] Esq., lying in the county, from paying or contributing to any foot soldier in the Freehold or Trained Band Militia in the County, because that Estate is charged with findind and maintaining a half a horse, horseman and arms to serve in a troop of the Militia of the county.

Signed and sealed: J. Legh, J. Davenport, Edw. Thornycroft.

Mark: No.8 (1) 1715/Deputy Leu.discharge/from the Malitia to Edd/Dounes Esqr. (2) The Deputy Leiutts/ discharge from the/foot Melitia.

Paper: 1 sheet 8" wide by 12" written one side. Watermark. Seals: 3 applied, red; 1. 15mm by 12mm device obscure, 2. imperfect, same as 1., 3. round 14mm diam., defice a cupid and vine scroll.

DDS 33/12

12 March 1716


Parties: 1. James Moore of Grindleford Bridge, county of Derby, yeoman, William Bingley of Nether Padley, same county, 2. Edward Downes of Srigley [Pott Shrigley], county palatine of Chester, Esq.

Signed and sealed: James More, Willm. Bingley - his marke & seale.

Witnesses of sealing and delivery: George Barton, Richd. Swettenham.

Quitclaim in all actions.

Mark: No.12 (1) 1715/James Moores Release. (2) James Moors/release.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp. 8" wide by 12" written p.1. Watermark. Seals: Two, applied, red, octagonal, 13mm diameter, device a crest, a griffin's head. Duty Stamps 1s. 6d.

DDS 33/6

24 March - 24 September 1716 (at monthly intervals, inclusive).

Memoranda of agreements

A series of seven agreements relating to a lease of premises (each of the seven is dated and signed) for a total of 21 years in 3-year terms, as follows;-

24 March 1716 lease for 3 years at £4 per annum, 2d.herriot,
23 April 1716 lease for 3 years from 24 March 1719, same charges,
24 May 1716 lease for 3 years from 24 March 1722, same charges,
24 June 1716 lease for 3 years from 24 March 1725, same charges,
24 July 1716 lease for 3 years from 24 March 1728, same charges,
24 August 1716 lease for 3 years from 24 March 1731, same charges,
24 September 1716 lease for 3 years from 24 March 1734, same charges,

Premises being land and houseing situate upon Cheridge (or Cherridge) late in possession of Tho. Watson.

Parties. 1. Edward Downes of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Esq., 2. Isaac Berchinhough of Bollington.

Signed: E. Downes, Isaack Berchinhough IB his mark.

Witnesses: Margaret Coogan, George Barton (These are alike at foot of each separate agreement).

Mark: No.4 May 24th 1716/Agreemt between Edd/Downes Esq and Isaac Brichenhough.

Paper: 2 sheets folded, secured by seal (wafered) between pp. 4, 5; 8 pp. 8" wide by 12", written pp.1, 3, 5, 7. Watermark. Seal wafered, impression obscure.

DDS 33/15

14 February 1721

Draft (amended copy) Indenture

Parties: 1. [Edward Downes of Shrigley] 'George Davenport of Calvely' county of Chester, Esq., 2. [.................] Thomas Read of Namptwich [Nantwich], same county, Gent.

Appointment of party 2 to be UnderSherriff (by virtue of the appointment by George prince of Wales, of party 1 as High Sheriff of the County Palatine of Chester during pleasure) during party 1's tenure of office. Party 1 allows 2 all the Fees and Perquisites save the £20 Sherriffs Fee and the perquisites of and duties of the County Court for the County of Chester, and the opening or returning of Writs for electing Knights of the Shire to serve in Parliament for the said County of Chester, or of Letters of the King or Privy Council directed to the High Sheriff, without his warrant, and the returning without party 1's consent of any Grand Jury at Assizes. Party 2 covenants to abide by his customary and legal duties as deputy for party 1, which are recited in full. (This appears to be a form drafted for Edward Downes's appointment, amended for Davenport's use).

Mark: No.16 G:Davenport Esqr's/Highsherriffs Indentures with/his undersherriffe/12 February 1721

Paper: 2 sheets 13" wide by 16" secured top centre by parchment thong, written all four sides. Watermark.

DDS 33/16


Draft copy Indenture 3-part

Parties: 1. Edward Downes the younger of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], com.of Chester, Esq., 2. John Clayton of Stockport, same county, merchant, 3. (blank)

Transfer of Mortgage; Bargain and Sale of premises by party 1 & party 2 (at party 1's instigation) in consideration of (blank)£ paid to each by party 3 for remainder of term of 99 years, determinable on pyment (covenanted) by party 1 to party 3 of (blank)£ at date (blank), to secure a loan by party 3 of (blank)£ to party 1 for paying off a mortgage debt of £448 owed to party 2 secured by Indenture of Mortgage 13 July 1739 between parties 1 & 2 (and Bond of party 1 to party 2 of 13 July 1739 in £896 for payment of debt at 13 January 1740) a Bargain and Sale for 99 years terminable on condition of Bond, which charges the premises with £1,000 assigned to party 2 in Trust for securing the debt and the payment of the residue to party 1's nominees; which premises and sum of money are limited in the provisions of Indenture 5-part of Release 26 September 1722 between 1. Edward Downs the elder of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Com. of Cestr., Esq., Edward Downs (party hereof) the younger, his only son and heir, 2. Leigh Masters of Newhall, com. of Lanc., Esq., Richard Leigh of Little Wootten, same county, Phillip Egerton son and heir of Rev. Dr. Philip Egerton of Astbury, com. of Cestr. [Chester] DD, rector of Astbury, John Egerton younger son of the sd. Dr. Phillip Egerton, 3. John Offley of Spring Grove, com. of Middlesex, Esq., John Bowyer of Turnshurst, com. of Stafford, Esq., Richard Fitzherbert of Somershall, com.of Derby, Esq., John Berresford the younger of Berresford, com.of Stafford, Esq., 4. Dr. Phillip Egerton, afsd. 5. Bridgett Egerton spinster, eldest daughter of the sd. Dr. Phillip Egerton; this 5-part indenture leads the uses of a Surrender made in Hallmote of Manor and Forest of Maxfield [Macclesfield] (no date given), in consideration of a marriage then intended and since made between Edward Downes junior and Bridget Egerton; and allows Edw. Downes to charge any or all the premises specified (with exceptions therein) with sum not exceeding £1,000 so long as Bridgett's jointure be not prejudiced.

Premises;- all that capital messuage & mansion house &c (as per afsd. release - not recited); all those copyhold messuages etc., mill, lands, chief rents etc., (part of the afsd lands) in Pott Shrigley and Bollington.

Mark: No.18 Edward Downes Junr/agt/John Clayton of Stockport/1722.

Paper 7 sheets 8" wide by 13" secured by parchment thong top left, written all sides save last, pp. 1 - 13. Watermark.

An addition sum in money is written on outside.

DDS 33/7

21 November 1732

At the Rolls

Copy minute of a Chancery Court Order

Direction of the Master of the Rolls in an action Bagshaw v. Downes, in the administration of the will of a Testator not named: ordering that the testator's debts are to be accounted for, and his creditors advertized in the Gazette to prove their claims; that the Deft. Charlesworth to account for Personal Estate and Profits of Real Estate he has received from Statement of Account 22 October 1729; that the Trust Estate be taken out of hands of Trustees, the Defts. Charlesworth, Downes senior and junior, and assigned to Deft. William Spencer & others to be appointed by Master of Rolls; the proceeds of the Trust Estate, which is to be sold to meet debts, to be devoted to securing (with arrears) an annuity of £200 to Deft. Christiana Spencer, and mortgage debt to Deft. Charlesworth. The unsold residue of the Trust Estate to be divided, half to Trustees for 500 years to use of plaintiff for life, remainder trustees for contingent remainders, remainder first & other sons of plaintiff in Tail, in default remainder daughters of plaintiff in Tail as tenants in Common, remainder other persons intitled by the Will, remainder in Fee to right heirs of testator, half to trustees for 500 years, to use of Deft. Christiana Spencer for life, remainder trustees for contingent remainders, remainder Deft. John Spencer for life, remainder trustees for cont. rem., remainder his first & other sons in Tail Male, in default remainder his daughters in Tail as tenants in common, in default remainder other persons intitled by Will, remainder testator's right heirs. Surplus funds to be placed in South Sea Annuities in the name of the Accomptant General.

Mark: No.6 Novr.21st 1732/Bagshaw v.Downes/Cop.Minuts.

Paper: 1 sheet folded 4 pp. 8" wide by 13", written pp.1, 2. Watermark.

DDS 33/11

19 June 1741


Bond in £300 given by John Swainson of Skipton in Craven, county of York, mercer, to Edward Downes the younger of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], county of Chester, Esq., (signed and sealed; John Swainson; witnessed, Elizabeth Nixon, Hump. Dauenport), in consideration of payment of debt, to indemnify party 2 from any further claim by the Administrators of the estate of Catherine Swainson, widow, dcsd., intestate, in pursuance of a Bond 8 August 1738 of Edward Downes to her in £320 for the payment on 8 February 1739 of a debt of £160 owed by Downes to her late husband Thomas Swainson late of Stockport county of Chester, mercer, dcsd., entered in error, she claiming to be Executrix whereas Thomas's Will 2 December 1735 appoints John Swainson sole executor.

Mark: No.10 Bond/Jno:Swainson/to/Edd:Downes Esqr.Junr./1741

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp. 8" wide by 12", written pp.1, 2. Watermark. Seal applied, red, irregular, device obscure. Duty Stamp embossed 1s. 6d.

DDS 33/13

19 June 1741


Parties: 1. John Swainson of Skipton in Craven, county of York, mercer, sole executor of Thomas Swainson, late of Stockport, county of Chester, mercer, dcsd, 2. Edward Downes the younger of Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], county of Chester, Esq.

Signed and sealed: John Swainson.

Witnesses of sealing and delivery: Elizabeth Nixon, Hump. Davenport.

Release from all claims by party 1 to party 2 in consideration of £160 paid by party 2 to party 1.

Mark: No.13 Release of Jno.Swainson/from Edward Downes Junior Esq/in the 19th of June 15th year/of the Reign of George the 2nd.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp 8" wide by 12", written p.1. Watermark. Seal applied, red, irregular, device obscure. Duty Stamps 1s. 6d.

DDS 33/4


Abstract of Title 21 October 1622 to 11 August 1656

Schedule of Surrenders passed in the estate of John Shrigley.

21 October 1622, Surrender from John Shrigley of Bollington, Gent, of all his copyhold land in Bollington & Ranowe [Rainow] & elsewhere within manor and forest of Macclesfield to Francis Potte, Richard Normansell, Robert Reddich, Humphrey Swindells, to use of himself fro life, one third to his wife Elizabeth for life, remainder Thomas, John & Francis (1st, 2nd & 3rd sons) in turn, remainder in fee to Thomas.

11 October 1630, Surrender from Richard Normansell, Thomas Shrigley & his wife Anne, Francis Potts, Humphrey Swindells & Robert Reddich, of all John Shrigley's copyhold land in Bollington and Ranowe [Rainow], to John Jackson.

25 October 1630, Recovery of the sd lands, Richard Day & Edward Normansell demandant, against John Johnson tenant, voucher over Thomas Shrigley over common vouchee.

8 November 1630, Surrender from John Johnson, Richard Dey & Edward Normansell of all the copyhold lands which were John Shrigley's in Bollington and Ranowe [Rainow], to Thomas Shrigley son of John Shrigley afsd.

24 August 1646, Surrender from Thomas Shrigley, of the premises, to Humphrey Swindells, Thomas Normansell, John Johnson & Ralph Andrewe, to use of himself for life.

11 August 1656, Surrender from John Johnson senior, Ralph Andrewe, Humphrey Swindells, of all John Shrigley's copyhold lands to Thomas Greene & John Johnson junior to use of John Shrigley for life.

Mark: No. 1 and BB 1756/Abstract of Surrenders/Pass'd of Shrigley's Estate.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp. 8" wide by 12", written p.1. Watermark.

DDS 33/2

27 March 1792

Account of moneys owed and paid by Sir George Warren, K.B., to the Rev. H.O. Wright, clerk, Lawrence Wright & Edward Downes Esqs., being £27,000 for the purchase of the Manor of Worth, paid by several payments on March 27th viz; £10,000 to Messrs. Child due on mortgage to Mrs Jodrell; £6193. 1. 6. to Isaac Wilkinson due to him on mortgage of Worth, £1,000 to Mrs Richardson due under Bond; £2,500 to the Rev. Mr. Wright by Sir George Warren; £6,700 by Robt. Newton to the Rev. Mr. Wright at Messrs. Dennes, Bankers in Fleet Street; £606. 18. 6. by Robt. Newton to Edward Downes, Esq.

Mark: None. Mr Newtons Account of Money pd. in London. Purchase money of Worth £27,000.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp 7" wide by 9", written pp.2, 3. Watermark.

DDS 33/1

25 December 1824 North End Fulham

Account made by John Leach Panter for cash received & paid on account of the administration of the estate of the late Edward Downes Esqr.

Signed J. L. Panter.

Mark: None. Administration Account.

Paper: 3 sheets folded, 12 pp 8" wide by 13", written pp.2 - 9 including, Watermark.
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