RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 40
TitleAbstract of Title or Catalogue of Muniments
DescriptionA Notebook containing a schedule of Deeds 17th & 18th century, realating to the Estates of P. Downes Esqr., in Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Bolington [Bollington], Hurdsfield, Alderley and elsewhere in the County of Cheshire and Padley in Derbyshire in 1769.

Page 1, A schedule of deeds, leases &c relating to Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Bollington, Rainow & Hurdsfield & elsewhere, marked No. 1 &c.

Page 32, A schedule of deeds & leases relating to Worth &c marked B.No.1 &c.

Page 46, A schedule of deeds, leases &c relating to Nether Padley marked C.No.1 &c.

Page 68, A schedule of Sundry Miscellaneous deeds &c marked D.No.1. &c.

Page 58, A schedule of Sundry deeds & leases in Over Alderley, marked E.No.1 &c.

Page 72, A schedule of Sundry Miscellaneous deeds marked F.No.1 &c.

Page 64, A schedule of "One Check Bag containing deeds & Papers relating to Butley Estate, marked C.No.1.

Mark: None.

NOTE. This book gives a description of various documents numbered by a system of Capital letters + in number, e.g. A.No.6, the letter varying according to location of premises. It is the key to some types of mark. The code letters are;- A, Shrigley, Bollington, Rainow, Hurdsfield; B, Worth; C, Nether Padley; D, miscellaneous; E, Over Alderley; F, miscellaneous; G, Butley.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 6 - 89 pp., 8" wide by 13", stitched paper cover.
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