RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 14/10
TitleA parcel consisting of 2 sheets of paper enclosing two fragile and fragmentary documents, (1) and (2)
DateEarly 19th century
DescriptionDDS 14/10 (1).

6 July 1571 London

Letter from Lawrence Downes to Roger Downes his brother, of the Ryddingar in Shrigle [Pott Shrigley].


S......t Roger I commend me Vnto you and to my .... syster your wiff trustinge in god that you Both be w... and in good health with your Son and all ....este of........And which .....m god ..nge to continewe to this moste .......ill and this is to g you moste hartie G........r your Jentelnis showed vnto me at all tymes this sh..... Dosier you to be good to my mother and for to Desi....r Warren to take vp the matter that eyther they may ......gether agayne or elles that she may have Hor meweti and parte of Hor goodes agayne Also I pray you that you will sende Thomas vpp to ..... London and I will provide A Mr for hym in .... Vnke Bredburi will sende vpp ii of his Childe..... I pray you that he may com with them for now ..... Doth losse his tyme and by the healpe of god.... Will one Day make you amendes my Brothe.. Geffere Doth mvch marvell that you will .... Wryte to Hym for he sayeth he hath wr..... Forty letters to you and never had aunswre of.... my brother Hydes and his wife be sycke but .... the shall Do well my brother Robarte is in go.. health and hath hym commended vnto you and would fayne haue A letter From you yf you sende yt to me I will gett yt hym. Thus Beinge boulde at all tyme to Trouble you with my Rude letter I Bid you fare Well From London this vith of July 1571 Your Loving Brother to
Command till Death to his finale
...Wer Lawrene Downes
......Ber my Brother
....... Godes causse.

(Written on the outside of the doct is;- To his .....Brother/ Roger Do...... the Ryddingar/in shrigle .....thos with/ From London./

Mark: None Shrigley Parchments relating to the Pedigree.

Paper: 1 sheet 9" wide by 11".

DDS 14/20 (2).

No date

A Nominal Roll or Rent-- or Tax-list.

The following particulars are arranged in a column;- +Byc. Byrron 4d, +John Pott 4d, +John Germond 4d, +Roger Grene 4d, +Robert Hordron 4d, +Ed. Woodd 4d., +Thomas Shrigley 4d, +George Clearke 4d, +Lawrence Clearke 4d, +Ed Dalle 4d, +Hughe Normansell 4d, +Ed.Smythe 4d, +Renold Pott 4d, +Ryc. Telier 4d, +John Telier 4d, +John Adshed 4d, +Wydow Pott 4d, +John Andrew .d, +Wydow Andrew .d, +Peter Home 3d, Robert Meryman 2d, +Thomas Smale 2d, +Roger Cottrell 4d, +John Rixton 4d, +Nicholas Adshed 4d, +Robert Adshed 4d, +Ryc. Gyles 4d, +Renold Brayne 4d, +John Witefyld 4d, +John Downes 4d, +Lawrence Allen 4d, +Ed. Allen 4d, +Wydow Harrop 2d, +Henry Mottrom 4d, +Roger Downes 4d, +Blaunche Wodd 2d, Chrystr. Downes 4d, Renold Torner 4d, Robert Cloton 4d, John Redferne 4d, Thomas Redferne 4d, +John Blackeston 4d, +Henry Woodd 4d, +Widow Woodd 4d, (p.2) Phylipp Ward 4d, +Arthur Worthe 4d, Peter Skelhorne 4d, +Ryc. Jepson 4d, +George Wood 4d, +Ryc. Ryxton 4d, Chrystr Greves 4d, +Edward Halle 4d, John Pownall .., +Mr Leighe of Adlington 3s. 6d., Mr Hyde of Northebury..., Mighell Stanhoppe...

Mark: None An Old paper deed wch I cannot make out F.D.P.

Paper: One sheet 8" wide by 12" folded once, 4 pp. 4" by 12", written pp. 1, 3.

NOTE; this parcel apparently made up by F.D.P. (Frederick Downes Panter, c.1820-30).
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