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ReferenceDDS 4/15
TitleA schedule of the Fees due to the Clerk of the Court of the Hundred Manor and Forest of Maxfeild 'according to the Custome there from the tyme whereof the memory of man is not to the Contrary'
Datec. Jan 1636
DescriptionA schedule of the Fees due to the Clerk of the Court of the Hundred Manor and Forest of Maxfeild 'according to the Custome there from the tyme whereof the memory of man is not to the Contrary', being 'a Copy of the note of Fees the which Mr.Willm Burges did deliver to the Comissioners which were appointed to enquire of extorted fees about January 1635'

Transcript (line ends marked /)

First of all actions of Debt, Detinue, and/ accomp vnder 3£ And of actions of/ Trespasse vi et ar', and upon trespasse vppon the Case where the damiges are Laid/ under 3£ the Clarkes Fees/ 1. For entring of the plaint: summane and/ First distresse or Cap'; is 12d./ 2. For every Alias distresse or alias Calias 6d./ 3. For the Rule to declare & entring/ the declaration 4d./ 4. For the first imparlance by the deffendent 4d./ 5. For entring of the issue 3d./ 6. For the execution 3d./

But if the actions amont to aboue 3£ then/ the Clarkes fees are increased as Falloweth/ First for every action of 3£ and so to 7£ his Fee/ is entring the plaint, summons and first distresse/ or Capias...2s. For an action of 7£ and so to 10£ is 3s/ For an acton of 10£ and so to 14£ it is 4s. For/ an action of 14£ to 18£ it is 5s. for an/ action 18 and so to 20£ it is 6s. For an ation of/ 20£ and so to 24£ itis 7s. For an action of 24£/ to 27£ it is 8s. for an action 27£ to 30 it is 9s./ For an action of 30 to 35 it is 10s. from 35£ to/ 40£ it is 11s. from 40£ to 45£ it is 12s. from 45£ to 50£ it is 13s. and for an action of 50£ and/ so vpward to any sume whatsoever the Fee/ is 14s. And affter the same Rate the other/ smaller Fees aboue mentioned happning in/ the Continuance and prosecutions of actions are/ augmented according to the plaint in every/ action vnder 40s. the Clarks Fee For an/ action is 2d. and if the action be 40£ or aboue/ of what sum soever his Fee for an aasoyne is 4d./ Item his Fee for entring of any plea in writing/ after declaration of what value soever the action/ bee is 4d and for every imparlance after the/ first imparlance 4d If a Warant of Attorny/ be entred if the action be under 40s. Fee is 2d/ if the action be aboue 40s. then 4d. For a sire/ facies if upon jugment under 40s.6d if it be aboue 40s. 12d. For replevins First the/ making of the replevins 2s For entring the action/ thereupon 1s. for an Assoyne 4d For the Rule &/entring the Declaration 4d For every imparlance/ 4d For entring of a plea 4d. For entring of the / issue 3d For entring the jugment in a Replevin 1s/ For an execution 6d. iff there a comon recovery/ in the Customary Court, the clarks fees are, for/ the entring the plaint the Protestation & Writt of Summons/ 2s. If a recovery be with single voucheier his fee/ For the enrowling and making up thereof, and/ entring the jugment for the writ of seisin and/ the transcript of the Record is, 1s. If with duble/ or treble vouchers his Fee for every vouche/-er over is 2s. In Surrenders for Copihold/ Lands, for the inRowling of a single surrender/ for a term of Lives or years whithout any/ remainder, and for the Copy thereof if it be/ passed by the party in person his Fee is 4s. If it be passed by warant of Atturny and the/ warrant resyted in the Surrende his fee is 5s./ But the Surrender be of Many parts with divers/ remainders over, or Containing many other Clauses/ or provisoes therein then the Clarke is to be Reso-/-onably sattisfyed for his paines therein accor-/-rding to the quality of the surrender For evry/ search into the Rolles and records For estates/ formerly passed his Fee is 6s.8d./

W. Burges Cler: Cur: pd.

Mark: None.

N.B. an addition sum done on the back of the doct;-

13. 6. 11.
2. 7. 1.
2. 15. 4.
3. 2. 6.
2. 19. 4.
5. 13. 0.
32. 4. 2

(In different ink from text of doct but in contemporary characters).
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 4½" wide by 24". No seal.
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