RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 21/37
TitleLetter to Mr. Watts at his house at Midlewich in Cheesshire from Js (or J:) Legh
Date14 Sep1717

Sep'r. the 14th

Mr. Watts

I re'd y'rs & Mr Legh leaues it yo y'u for to Make the best bergen y'u can for Bennetts Tenement & thinks if he will give as y'u have proposed ten p'd More it May doe uery well: as to Mr Hobsons Lease he will signe as soone as re'd y'u express y'r self in that afaire with y'r usell honest true integrety w'h in all [.] 'our' afaires y'u haue so fully & justly discharg'd for our aduantage & it would a bin uery hapy for us if it had bin sooner in y'r hands I am glad Charles is got safe to Adlington the Place in the whole World he loues the best & where he very much desired to goe. I am sory he could not be so hapy as to [...] get the Olds Mans consent who studye the grandore & richess of this World More then his Daug'rs hapyness Charles I am sure would a Made her realy so & will any good nateured descreet young Wooman I am obleg'd to yo'r sister good Mrs Mary Watts for her inquiery & find those Ladys will not be such fortunes as the World thought 'em if y'u can heare of any such: & seutable: I should be very glad he Might haue a Vewe of her before he leaues the contry: for when he comes here: & is with his young Aceadomy Companions: Maridg is one of their greatest Jests: & I am very desirous he should be Maries as soone (p.2) as possible: for some fewe years More will perhaps Make it More defacult to persuade him [in] to that Noose Y'u seeme a litle fearfull to Yowke in I laughed heartely at y'u pleasant expresions of the Parsons how litle y'u care to deall with 'em in Worldly Matars: w'h is My openion the same as y's. they are best to be conselled in speriteull afaires. I hope y'u will doe something in Ann Whittes business: but it lookes as if ......ent Adshead knew how to keep w't he had got by consenting that Mr Legh should have a Claime: in hopes to Make good his [title] Tightle. pray excuse hast & blotts who am/ Good Mr Watts/ Y'r Asurerd Friend/ & Seruant/ Js Legh.

(p.3., in another hand)

7tbr 14th 1717

Bennett's tenem't in/ Kettleshulme for/ 160£./ Appoves the proposall/ for recovering Buttley/ Lease./ Mrs no fortunes./ too small./ Mr L. marryd./ Ann Whittacres business.

Mark: None
Physical DescriptionPaper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp., 6" wide by 8", written pp.1, 2. Watermark, postmark. Seal applied, red, broken (at opening of letter).
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