RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 14/32
TitleLetter from H.A. to John Shallcross Esq.
Date17 Feb 1728


I send you the bill Downes Esqr ag't Skelhorne w'ch is an uncommon one & required very considerable trouble '& time' in settling as yuo'll find & I don't know how to make it shorter consisten with the designe to corrict the deft. into a discovery: I know all the mischiefe was done before the young gentl' was invested with the locus in quo and the bill saies some was done after w'ch is necessary aswell to put Skelhorne in the traverse of that point (when at the same time he'll own himselfe a trespasser) as to give 'an additional' [a] good reason to the Cort why that gentl. is a party, scilicet - some other of the allegations (equitatis more) are as literally untrue but calculated w'th the designe above & I hope may prove effectual for the purpose aimed at by

Your affect'hble.

Srt. H:A:
17° Feb.1727.

P.S. considering the matter the bill is not long but 65: sheets & will cost 'only' about 32s. 5d. the ...... copy and tho' longer & not impertinent wou'd be liker to draw the deft. into a compromise rather wish'd than otherwise I dare say.

Mark: None To John Shallcross Esqr.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 1 sheet, 8" wide by 4", right edge torn away. Seal: A trace of red wax, left side.
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