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ReferenceDDS 6/31
TitleMemorandum drawn up by William Elveston (?) for ......Downes
Date23 Aug 1775
DescriptionMemorandum drawn up by William Elveston (?) for ......Downes, being notes on the lordships of Poynton, Worth and Woodford, and their inhabitants' obligations in the repair and maintenance of Poynton Chapel (near the manor house of Poynton), which are disputed by the inhabitants of Woodford who claim that they resorted to Newton Chapel (now demolished). Notes on constables, taxation and churchwardens. Reference to grants temp. Hy III, Ric II, Edw IV


The township of Poynton in the Parish of Prestbury now Consisting of three Lordships or Hamlets. (viz) Poynton (Properly so Call'd) Worth and Woodford was antiently but one Manour or Lordship being the Inheritance of Sr. Robert D'Stockport who towards the Latter End of Henry 3ds Reign Granted away the Lordship or Hamlet of Worth to one Henry D'Worth whose descendent Edward/Downes Esqr. now Enjoys the Same, in Richard 2nds time Sr John Warren Granted away the Lordship or Hamlet of Woodford alias Wydford to one Davenport under which Grant John Davenport now holds the same.

Neither Worth nor Woodford are Manners in the legal sense they never keeping any Courts Baron but Master Downes and Mr Davenport are and Constantly have been called at Mr Warrens Court for Poynton he being chief Lord of the whole And the Reason of their being Distinguished upon any account is only because they are now become the Lands of three Different Gentlemen The three Lordships are still but one Township and have 2 Constables yearly chosen. Whereof Poynton (properly so Called) find one every year, and Worth and Woodford Finds the other Alternately or every other Year, And all Constable Says publick taxes etc., are laid upon the whole Township and Divided amongst the 3 Lordsh' by themselves According to a known proportion. Only of Late Mr. Davenport having been a Commissioner hath sometimes causd the Land tax to be separatly chargd upon the 3 Lords'ps. And in noe of the Ancient County Miss Books, Subsidy Books &c. is there any mention of Worth or Woodford but both are always Comprehended under the Name of Poynton. All the 3 Lordships maintain each their own Poor separately also Woodford maintain T Highways by themselves but Poynton & Worth repair thr Highways Jointly the Lands of the 2 L'dships being something intermixt. In the Lords'p is situate an Antient parochial Chapel it hath been a Chapel time out of mind 5th of Edward 2nd. A.D. 1312 in which year Sr. Nicholas D'Eton Lord of Poynton brought an Assize of Darrein Presentment against the Abbot of St. Werberg's Chester for the Advowson of this Chapel in this Case the Abbot got a Verdict by Dated the Same (p.2) Year he Bound himself and his Successors to find a Chaplain at Poynton for ever for the Benefit of Sr. Nicholas D'Eton his heirs and tenants, And the inhabitants of Woodford were thn Tenants to Sr. Nicholas that Hamlet not being Granted away till near 100 Years after as Abovementioned the Abbot neglecting to find the Chaplain A.D. 1500 the Archdeacon of Chester Sequestered by Tithes & in pe Sequestration it is call'd a Parochial chapel (Capellam de Poynton sura Parochialia habentem) and in another Deed in Edward 4ths time it is called (Ecclesiam Beatae Mariae de Poynton) and mentions the high alter there. And there hath been all along (probably from the first foundation) a Chapel Ward'n yearly chosen and sworn as will appear by the Registers of the Chancllors and Archdeacons Courts if they can be found.

How and by whom the repairs of this chapel wer antiently done & ornaments and other nessessarys found does not now appear for it has been vacant beyon the memory of any man now living till about 17 years since During wch Vacancy as far as Can be remembered the Chapel standing near the Manner house of Poynton Mr Warren and his Ancestors did such repairs to it as they thought fit to prevent its falling into Decay. And after the place was supplied with a Curate for about 4 Years Mr Warren Also did the repairs &c. But about the year 1716 he being Satisfied he was not obliged to do it at his own charge The Lordships of Poynton & Worth have Since repair'd the Chapel and found Ornaments and necessaries Mr Warren paying his proportional Part the Inhabitants of Poynton and Worth Claims Seats in the Chapel but those of Wdford do not make nor have made any such Claim that is known of. There is not nor ever was any Sidesman in Woodfd but the Chapel Warden of Poynton makes and all along hath made presentments of all persons & things presentable in Woodford & several persons have done publick penance in this Chapel in Consequence of Such presentments And the Church wardens of Prestbury never do nor have concern'd themselves in making Presentments with in Woodford but leave the Same wholly to the Chapel warden of Poynton.

It will be alledg'd on behalf of Woodford.

1st. That they never have Paid any thing to the Chapel Say of Pointon within memory of Man -- To which it will be answered That neither have Poynton or Worth paid any thing within memory (p.3) till about 12 Years ago. An the Reason is Because there was no Occasion the Chapel having stood vacant & what Mr Warren & his Ancestors have done was wholly Voluntary and to prevent its falling into Decay therefore this reason cannot excuse Woodford any more than Poynton or Worth.

2d. They will aledge that they have not nor Ever had or Claimed any seats in the Chapel but have formerly resorted to Newton Chapel (now demolished) to hear Divine Service to this it will be answer'd that their resorting to Newton Chapel merely for their own convenience being nearer to them but that Cannot Excuse them from paying their proportion to the Chapel Say if they be within the Chapelry[.] The case is common in multitudes of Instances.

The only Quaere is whether the Inhabitants of Wdford be not oblig'd to pay their proportional part to the repairs Ornaments & N cessaries of Poynton Chapel.

Mark: None. Aug:23d:1775 Some antient Memor'm regarding the Lordships/Poynton Worth and/Woodford, given me/this day by William Elveston.
Physical DescriptionPaper: Two sheets pinned together, one 13" wide by 8" (pp. 1, 2) the other 6" wide by 8" (p. 3, one side only).
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