RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 21/26
TitleCopy of a Letter to Sir George Warren from Edward Downes
Date21 May 1791


Dear Sir,

I think it time to complain of the officious impertinence of your Steward, who has been applying to Magistrates to stop a publick high road, leading two ways to a farm of mine, (a thing I could never have an idea of suffering;) informing them nevertheless, that both Mr. Wright & I wished it to be done. When Mr. Wright & I looked at it with your Steward, (whom We met accidentally the morning We called at Pointon, but had not the pleasure of seeing You,) he had the assurance to tell Us, that Mr. Davenport of Bramhall, to whose farms it leads also, had agreed to the plan, & that my Father had (verbally he said) given his promise of consent. With regard to Mr. Davenport, I heard him assure Mr. Wright, that He has never yet had the matter proposed to Him, & is certain He shall never agree to it; & with regard to my Father, I am very well convinced, He expressly disapproved it, & for very good reason. As for Mr. Wright and myself, We told him, as my Steward can witness, that We could listen to no fresh proposals, till the road from the Bramhall road to the Turnpike Road by the new Chapel was laid open & made thoroughly good, which We called on You that morning purposely to require: & with regard to which, I have no doubt, but You will oblige Me, by ordering it to be taken in hand immediately; since the long neglect in that instance (after several applications to You, & several promises from You,) must have been only through the dilatoriness of your former Stewards; as the prematureness of proceedings in this case is evidently from the assuming of your present manager: & with regard to him, & his impertinent encroachments, I must beg You to order him, not to interfere with my rights & property in any manner, or tamper with my Tenants, till You & I have settled our Plans between Ourselves; as any orders, You may already have given, must have been in consequence of his false representations to You. You may depend on my willingness to oblige You, or any Gentleman, as far as the requisite attention to my own interests will allow; & therefore, when I am no longer prejudiced by the want of a good road to my Worth Estate, I shall be the better enabled, & not the less well-inclined to attend to your wishes. I beg my best Compliments to Lady Warren, & am, Sir, yr. hble. Servt./Edward Downes./ If You favour Me with a few lines, I will beg You to take an opportunity, as I am going from home for a short time on Thursday.

Mark: None. Copy of a letter to Sir George Warren dated Butley May 21st 1791.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 1 sheet 8" by 13", from a cashbook; watermark.
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