RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 6/32
Date7 Jan 1327
DescriptionApud Cestr' die mercurii prox. post festum Epiphane dni. a.d. (1326)

Parties: 1. Johanna lady of Stokeport late wife of Sir Nicholas de Eton', widow, 2. Henry de Worth'.

Witnesses: Sir Robert de Chedul, Master Jurdan de Macclisfelt', John de Honford, Edmund del Dounes, William de Neuton' clerk.

Exchange in consideration of 3s. rent, with Warranty contra omnes gentes, of 3 messuages belongong to Johanna and held by Richard son of Roger, Symon the Miller, and Richard son of Ellotes, and a place of land lying between le Wyttebrok and le Middilschawe as enclosed by the hedge, and a place of wood lying between le Holynkastel and le Cartegate, in the town of Ponynton' [Poynton], for a place of land with wood growing thereon, lying outside Heppslegh on the east side, called Fernleghker in the town of Ponynton' [Poynton], and 3s.silver per annum.

Mark: A. n. 13. Poynton'.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 9" wide by 4". Seal missing from label.
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