RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 14/19
TitleLetter from James Keele of the 10th Regiment, The Prince of Wales Own Light Dragoons, Ashford, Kent, to Edward Downes Esqr.
Date19 Mar 1793
DescriptionLetter from James Keele of the 10th Regiment, The Prince of Wales Own Light Dragoons, Ashford, Kent, to Edward Downes Esqr., "at Knutsford or at Scrigly Hall near Pott [Pott Shrigley]"



Dear Sir,

I take this Oppertunity & to inform.of my true cause of Writing to you likewise to inform you that the Rigment his Expected ecery Day to go a broad to Holland. I hope you [take] won't take hit a miss Sir that I wright this following Letter to you; but when I inform I hope I may find satesfation. For Sir form the first time I left you Place I cannot find hany kind of comfort for [when] I was forst to lave Mrs. Starky Place On account of having a bad face; but now I remember you wood Which you have often told me which I repent now it is to late But now I repent & course the time that ever I disabade you order in which Sir that grives me the morst was about a fortnight After I left Mrs Steakey I came to Knutford to see you & you order your man to tell me if I did not get out of the town That you wod put me in prison in which Edward told me before George wife in which that Peirst me to the heart thinking that I Live with you three years neaver rong you nor hany body ealse of a 'farthing' I wod scorne to 'rong' hany body of a pin. it was the firdiss of my thought God knows & what Distress I been in, seen I left your [left your] Place I whent [I] down to Liverpool, & wod a whent abord of ship had I not been perswead not; Likewise I was forst to sell the Coat & Wastcoat of my Back for meat to eat, & was forst Enlisted myself in the 10 Regiment of Light Dragoons & now the Regiment his a going a braid to the [....] goye of my heart & in hope of being cout of for I hope the 'first' shot may Peirce me to the heart and Lance me in to a turnity so that I may not com back ageain for my life his a burden to 'me' & always will be to my Die Day, so Sir ad I my Discharge I wod come Into Cheshire & work for [t] you to my Deiing 'day' was it for bread & warter I shod Live happer then I do now With good Beef for all the Vittles in the 'world' doose me no good for you have been both a Father & Friend to me, such a Freind that I neever find a Gein and I scourse the the time that ever I lost you, I have you I have Lost all and now I ham the unhappest reach that living in the World, I hope Sir I may have the pleasure of Receiving an Answer, & forgive me for wat his Past & your Blessing & then I shall die in Peace in the Feald of Battle, James Meele 10 or the Prince of Wales Own.

Mark: None. Mar.19.1793.James Keele Ashford Kent 10 Reg.K.Drag.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 1 sheet 8"wide by 13". Postmark: MR 21 93 Ashford Mt
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