RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 21/21
TitleDraft letter from Edward Downes (folded with DDS 21/21 q.v.)
Date2 Oct 1803
DescriptionShrigley [Pott Shrigley]


Dear Sirs,

Out of the 350£ remitted to You by yesterdays Post, I must request the favour of You to take up One Note payable to Critchley & Co. due [about] on the 5th inst. 'for 130' & one other due on the 7th.inst. for 100 '£ coming' together 230£. There will then remain of this remittance 120£ to my Credit which with the 52. 10.--.remitted on the 25th. ult. will, as far as I have leisure to refer to particulars at present, leaves somewhat more than 270£ 'balance' in your hands ---[which] & will fully adequate to all purposes to the 8th. of this month inclusive --- The next Dfts. afterwards that will be due are I observe, on the 15th. inst. Thomas Stanley 100£ & 'on' the 16th. Jas. Lean 37£. & C. Cooke 35. After which no more in this month --- I shall therefore 'hope to' remit [in good time] 'before the middle of the month' so much further as shall be sufficient 'to provide' for these Dfts. & to bring those which follow (the first of which is Novr. 2d. E. Unwin 50£. and the last Novr.24th. Reverend.J.Hyde 40£) within the stipulated Credit --- Mean time I must beg your patience 'on this score of overdrawn credit for' a few posts longer than I expected --- not having been aware till Yesterday (on reference to my Acct. with Messrs Critchly & Co.) that my two Notes abovementioned to them were so nearly due --- They are obliging enough to accommodate me from time to time with [ready] 'a little' credit 'on my Notes' which is of very particular service to me at this time as [I have not only occasion for not] 'as not only at present "do" my military [Command] "Honours" & "their" concomitant expenses' [only] dip[s to] deeply [not] into my '[at present]' supplies, but the Duties of my Situation which is attended with [much] 'more' inconvenience to Me on acct of my distance from Macclesfd. put it out of my power to attend to 'any of' my private Concerns, so much as I ought, 'not' even to the necessary business of collecting the Needful. We soon expect Prince William of Gloucester among us --- & perhaps Bonaparte before we are ready --- I wish very much to get Bridget here from the Isle of Wight but [the (protracted)] 'I continue to be' disappoint[ment]ed of a loan of 500£ which I have been endeavouring to raise for Her, 'which I' have been long ago promised 'and still am "by a `"letter from"' a Gentleman in Macclesfd '"on '"transfer of some part of her"' securities"' in Macclesfield"' [together with that] 'I have [tried] inconvenienced to '[Me]' [myself] 'myself' not little to advance her some part of this loan & 'I' fear I shall not be able to advance Her much more till 'after' my rent day, ([about the middle] 'the latter end' of next month) on account of my own pressing business --- Would it be possible for You among any of our friends in London to procure for her a temporary loan of so much as may 'enable her to leave the Island of Wight &' bring her to London if she would approve of it & remain with Mrs Wilson or at Totteridge or wherever might be to be I can releive her from all her debts, and get her safe here I would willingly join in Bonds with Her, to the necessary amount

Pray make my best Complts. to Mrs. W & our firends, & believe me (ever his .........) yours & most obligd. E.D.

Physical DescriptionPaper: 1 sheet 6" wide by 8", written both sides.
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