RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 13/24
TitleChirograph; left hand part of a 3-part indenture
Date2 Jul 1331
DescriptionWorth' le Mardy procheyn apres la feste de les apostolis Pier et Paul, lan du regne le Roy etc.

Parties: 1. Henry de Worth', 2. Thomas his son and Katerine, Thomas's wife, 3. Gilbert de Haydok'.

Covenant by party 1 not to alienate in any way any part of his lands etc., in le Counte de Cestre [Chester] and his Bailiwick of the Forestership (sa ballye de la foresterie de) Makelesfeld [Macclesfield], in which he stands seised at this date; and to convey to party 2 within eight years an estate in all his lands in the town of Vpton' [Upton] except a place of land in the same town called Ratounesfeld, or otherwise to provide for them suitably; in default of which a rent charge of £40 sterling on his manors of Worth' [Worth] and Vpton' [Upton] and all his other lands etc., in le Counte de Cestre [Chester], granted by him to party 2 by Deed now in the hand of party 3 by consent of both, is to become effective by the delivery of the Deed to party 2 by party 3; the third part of this indenture (le pee de cestes endenture) to be held by party 3 as his warrant for that delivery.

Mark: B. b. 2. 5 Ed. 3. Worth' & Vpton'.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 10" wide by 4". Seals missing from 2 labels.
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