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ReferenceDDS 34
TitleA bundle of 10 documents done up in white string
DescriptionA bundle of 10 documents done up in white string. Here calendared in order of date, and numbered according to place in bundle

DDS 34/10


Three documents wrapped in a sheet of paper.

DDS 34/10, (1).

c.2 July 1744 (this date not that of the letter but of the extract referred to).

Letter from P. Mayer (counterpart 34/9).


Dr. Sir,

With the inclos'd Letter I have sent You the following Extract, wch I imagine will not be unacceptable. I rejoice to hear of yr. Recovery for the Continuance of wch you have the sincere Wishes &c of/ Sr/ yr oblig'd & obt Servt./


July 2d 1744
The Wife of Mr. Arthur Bulkeley of Whittington near Chesterfield in Derbyshire delivered of a Son & he was baptised on the 12th to whom were Godfathers by Proxy Edwd Downes of Worth in Cheshire Esqr his great great great great Uncle, Dr. Ashton Master of Jesus College Cambridge & his Brother Mr. Joseph Ashton of Surry Street in the Strand, the Infant's great great great Uncles. The God-mothers by their Proxies were, Mrs Elizabeth: Wood of Barnesley Yorkshire the Infant's great great great great Aunt, Mrs Jane Wainwright of Middlewood Hall Yorkshire great great Grandmother and Mrs Dorothy Green of Ditto, the Infant's great Grandmother. The said Mrs Wainwright is 89 & can say properly "Rise Daughter, go to thy Daughter: for thy Daughter's Daughter has a Son". She is sister to the Ashtons above whose Father & Mother were twice married (before a Justice of Peace by Cromwell's Law & afterwards as was common by a Parson) and lived 64 Years together & during the first fifty Years in one House at Bradway in Derbyshire where tho they had twelve Children & six Servants in Family never buried one.

Mark: None.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp 7" wide by 9"; letter on p.4, extract on p.1. Watermark.

DDS 34/10, (2).

12 June 1744

Letter from Mr. J. Lister to Mrs. Downes at Shrigley near Macclesfield, Cheshire, with draft for a memorial inscription.



I have been abroad great part of the time since your servant was here, by whom you were pleas'd to remind me of an Inscription for a little Monument. I wish I cd. send any Thing agreeable on the unhappy Subject, have writ a few lines ..... the other Page, which please to accept as a.......of my Respect & Willingness to comply with your Request. I have yielded to the Perswasion of Friends in continuing my School, & am with the most grateful acknowledgements for all Favours Mr Downes's & Your most obedient Servt:


Sister desires her Service to you.

Near this Place lies interr'd Philip Downes/ Son of Edward Downes Esqr of Shrigley in Cheshire/ He dy'd in the 15th Year of his Age, 1743/ Lamented by his Parents, Preceptor, School-fellows/ & Friends.
When Age, that with the Weight of Mis'ry bows,
Sinks into Rest, & pays the Debt she owes,
`Twere highly wrong to murmur, or deplore
.....Death of those who relish Life no more.
But when fair Youth, that ev'ry Promise gave
And every Hope, is hurry'd to the Grave,
All Eyes dissolve into the tender Tear,
And each sad Bosom feels the Sigh sincere.

Mark: None. June 12th 1744/Letter from/Mr. Lister, with a/Copy of Verses, for Mr/Phil:Downes Epetaph.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp 8" wide by 9", written p.1 (letter) and p.3 (verses). Watermark. Seal torn away, traces of red wax applied.

DDS 34/10, (3)

No date (a copy made 18th century of a doct. of 1502-3).

Abstract of assessment for the Mise of Cheshire in 18 Henry VII, containing on p.1 a schedule for the various hundreds of the county, and for Hawarden, and on pp.3 & 5 a schedule for the hundred of Macclesfield, listen in three columns, Place, Total Mise, Moiety of Mise.

The Mise of Cheshire as in the 18th of Henry the 7th.
Edesbery [Eddisbury] £72. 3. 2. | £35. 12. 7.
Broxton 39. 8. 4. | 49. 4. 2.
Wyrrehall [Wirral] 89. 2. 0. | 44. 10. 6.
Northwich 86. 12. 0. | 43. 6. 0.
Bucklow 93. 6. 4. | 46. 13. 2.
Nauntwich [Nantwich] 110. 13. 10. | 55. 6. 11.
Macclesfeild [Macclesfield] 111. 0. 6. | 55. 10. 3.

Tot 660. 5. 2. | 330. 2. 7
Tot: Mise of 6 payments 1980. 15. 6.
Tot: Mise de Hawarden 24. 14. 6.

Sum: tota: 2005. 10. 0.

Macclesfeild Hunner'd
Tingtwisell [Tintwistle] 2. 4. 10. | 1. 2. 5.
Hollinworth [Hollingworth] 17. 6. | 8. 9.
Motteram in Longendale [Mottram in Longdendale] 2. 5. 6. | 12. 9.
Staueley [Stayley] 1. 15. 2. | 17. 7.
Duckenfeild [Dukinfield] 1. 6. 6. | 13. 3.
Matteley [Matley] 11. 2. | 5. 7.
Godeley [Godley] 11. 2. | 5. 7.
Newton 14. 4. | 7. 2.
Hyde 19. 2. | 9. 7.
Hattersley 19. 2. | 9. 7.
Wernith [Werneth] 1. 4. 0. | 12. 0.
Romiley 1. 5. 6. | 12. 9.
Bredbury 2. 4. 0. | 1. 2. 0.
Brinnyngton 16. 0. | 8. 0.
Stockport 3. 5. 6. | 1. 12. 6.
Chedle [Cheadle] 8. 0. 0. | 4. 0. 0.
Northerden [Northenden] 1. 12. 10. | 16. 5.
Ecchels 5. 10. 4. | 2. 15. 2.
Bromhall 2. 6. 4. | 1. 3. 2.
Offerton 14. 4. | 7. 2.
Torkinton [Torkington] 19. 2. | 9. 7.
Poynton, Worth & Woodford 4. 3. 2. | 2. 1. 7.
Adlington 4. 0. 0. | 2. 0. 0.
Buteley [Butley] 2. 8. 4. | 1. 4. 2.
Fallibrom [Fallibroome] 5. 0. | 2. 6.
Prestbury 1. 4. 6. | 12. 3.
Norbury 1. 0. 2. | 10. 1.
Mottram Andrew [Mottram St. Andrew] 2. 4. 6. | 1. 3. 2.
Bolin 3. 0. 10. | 1. 10. 5.
Pownall 4. 8. 0. | 2. 4. 0.
Chorley 2. 0. 0. | 1. 0. 0.

Werford 1. 15. 7. | 17. 7.
Overalderley [Over Alderley] 1. 8. 10. | 14. 5.
Neither Alderly [Nether Alderley] 2. 14. 0. | 1. 7. 0.
Chelford 1. 9. 6. | 14. 9.
Snelson 4. 0. | 2. 0.
Birtles 6. 0. | 3. 0.
Pexhul [Pexhall] 1. 0. 0. | 10. 0.
Capesthorn [Capesthorne] 14. 4. | 7. 2.
Sithington [Siddington] 1. 12. 0. | 16. 0.
Withington 1. 13. 6. | 16. 9.
Gowseworth [Gawsworth] 3. 4. 0. | 1. 12. 0.
Merton [Marton] 2. 8. 0. | 1. 4. 0.
Rode 2. 8. 0. | 1. 4. 0.
Yayton 1. 13. 6. | 16. 9.
Somerford 1. 10. 2. | 15. 1.

In the Forest of Maclesfeild
Bosseley [Bosley] 3. 0. 10. | 1. 10. 5.
Sutton 3. 3. 6. | 1. 11. 9.
Downes 4. 0. | 2. 0.
Hurdesfeild [Hurdsfield] 14. 0. | 7. 0.
Bollington 1. 10. 4. | 15. 2.
Shrigley [Pott Shrigley] 13. 4. | 6. 8.
Distley [Disley] & Standley 19. 6. | 9. 9.
Urdestly & Waley 1. 4. 10. | 12. 5.
Ranowe [Rainow] 1. 6. 6. | 13. 3.
Merpall [Marple] 1. 18. 8. | 19. 4.
........... 14. 4. | 12. 2.
Upton 16. 0. | 8. 0.
Tidrington [Titherington] 1. 18. 2. | 19. 1.
Macclesfeild [Macclesfield] 3. 12. 6. | 1. 16. 3.
Ketelshulme [Kettleshulme] 14. 0. | 7. 0.

tot: 111. 0. 6. | 55. 10. 9.

Mark: None. A Mise of Cheshire/in the reign of Henry/the 7th.

Paper: 1 sheet 15" by 12" folded twice and cut half way across first fold; 4 leaves (last pair uncut), 4 pp. written pp. 1, 3, 5. Watermark. Discoloured by damp, and frayed at folds.

DDS 34/9

c.12 July 1744

A memorandum of the christening of a child (Thomas Ashton Bulkeley) on 12 July 1744 at Whittington in Derbyshire, with some notes on the family history. On the back of this memorandum, (which is all on one side of the paper), is written in a different hand a riddle;- "the English drounding the Spainyards/ 2 Red ones before one Black one 3 before 5 2 and 2 of Each 4 Red/ one Black 3 Black one Red 2 Black one Red 2 Red one Black/."

Transcript of Memorandum;- (cp.34/10,(1) supra).

On the 12 of this Instant July 1744 was Christened at Whittington in Derbyshire a Son of Mr. Arthur Bulkleys of that Place, and Jane his Wife, and the following persons by their Representatives Were the Sponsors Vizt;

Edward Downs of Worth in Cheshire Esqr. the Infants great great great great Uncle Dr. Ashton Master of Jesus Colledge in Cambridge, and his Brother Mr. Joseph Ashton of Surry Street in the Strand the Infants great great great Uncles Mrs Elizabeth: Wood of Barnsley in Yorkshire the Infants great great great great Aunt Mrs Jane Wainwright of Midlewood Hall in Yorkshire the Infant's great great Grandmother Mrs Dorothy Green of the Same Place the Infants great Grandmother

The Infant has a Mother, Grandmother, great grandmother, and great great Grandmother all Now living, and Mrs Wainwright the great great Grandmother Who is now 89 tho she Cannot Say Rise Up Daughter, and get thy Daughter, for thy Daughters Daughter has a Daughter, She Can Say What is an Equall degree to it, that is, Rise Up Daughter, and go to thy Daughter, for thy Daughters Daughter has a Son.

The Infant by its Mothers Side is lineally descended from Robert Ashton of Bradway in Derbyshire Esqr. and Dorothy his Wife Who Were the said Mrs Wainwright Dr Ashton and Mr Ashtons Father and Mother, and of Whom Some Remarkable things may be Related vizt;

That during their Whole lives they Were Eminent for all Christian Virtues that they Never had More then twelve Children Eight Sons and four Daughters, Who Were all Nurs'd by her, and all liv'd to be Men and Women, that they Were as Good Parents, in Every Respect to all their Children, Without partiality to any of them as ever Children Were Blessed With.

That they liv'd at the Same house at Bradway Above fifty years, and tho they had near twenty in family great part of the time No Person Whatever died in the house during the first 50 years that they lived together Sixty four years after their Marriage, but then it must be owned the Were ty'd together With a double knot, for being Married in Olivers time, the Ceremony Was twise Performed once by a Justice of the Peace According to a law of that time, and again by a Clergyman According to the Rights of the Church of England, of Which they Were Worthy Members.

Mark: None. Thomas Ashton Bulkley.

Paper: 1 sheet 8" wide by 12". Watermark.

DDS 34/2

18 January 1820 Macclesfield.

Letter from the Rev. John Jackson to Miss Downes, Shrigley [Pott Shrigley].


Dear Miss Downes,

I have received the College Cap & Dressing case belonging to my late most lamented Friend; & beg to return you my sincere thanks for these reliques of one whom I had so much reason to love & shall ever cherish as most sacred now that he is departed from us.

Herewith you will receive a copy of the hasty & imperfect discourse which you were so kind as to approve on Sunday -- & though it is transcribed, as well as composed, in haste, I trust you will find it legible.

Mrs Jackson begs to unite her kindest regards with Dear Madam, Yours most respectfully & truly

John Jackson.

Mark: None. the Reverend/J Jackson

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp.8" wide by 9", written p.1, address p.4. Watermark. Seal applied, black, oval, 20mm by 15mm, device JJ. No postmark.

DDS 34/1

3 February 1820 Versailles.

Letter from Miss Emily Caldwell to Miss Downes, Shrigley Hall, near Macclesfield, Cheshire, Engleterre.


My Dearest Friend,

I cannot express what I felt on reading the paper of to day, to find, what a loss, you have sustained, and when you are more composed, and resined, which we must all be to the Will of God -- to pray let me have a few lines from you, as I am extremely anxious to know, how you, and Mrs. Panton, and Family are, after this melancholy event, to say what I feel for you, is more than I can express; indeed I should think myself very ungrateful, after the many kindness I have received -- What an Irreparable loss; the Country, and the poor, must feel, particularly, at this time -- Before you receive this you will hear of the Death, of the Duke of Kent, and this Day, of our dear amiable King, he was such a good Man, it must make a great impression on the people, his dieing just at this time -- Waht a great change? it will make in every one, how many of the Royal Family? have we lost within this two year's -- Be assured, My Dear Friend, I should have made many enquiries after you, while in Italy, only the distance so far, and our short stay at each place, there were no time for letter's passing. In about a Fortnight, or three Weeks, my Brother, means Please God to go to Paris be so kind, to direct to me, Poste Restante, a Paris -- I shall long, untill I hear from you; pray remember me most affectionately to your Sister, and my best Compts to Mr. Panton with love to yourself, believe me, to be Your very sincere, & affectionate Friend

Emily Caldwell.

Mark none. Miss Emily Caldwell 1820. Answd. 21 Febry.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp. 8" wide by 10", written pp. 1, 2, 3; address p.4. Seal applied, black, round, 15 mm diam., no device. Postmarks: One dated Feb. 12. 1820.

DDS 34/4

14 March 1820 Cors Brook

Letter from John Martin senior to Miss Downes, Shrigley [Pott Shrigley], Macclesfield.


My Dear Miss Downes,

I have to acknowledge receipt of your very kind letter of the 23d. Ulto which was delivered to me by Captain Rulance as also of a Silver Snuff Box with an inscription as a Memorial of Mortality endeared to me by the most lively feelings for departed worth And for your kindness in this distinguished mark of respect please accept my most sincere thnks as well as hearty condolence in this your severe Affliction for the loss you have sustained of a kind and affectionate Brother as well as of a true Christian companion the recollection of whom I shall ever cherish with the most grateful remembrance

I have forwarded to Mr. William Stewart a small parcel containing the Arbutus and one or two other plants for you which I hope will go safe to hand and it gives me much pleasure to learn that you intend finishing all the projected improvements which will I hope afford you much satisfaction as well as amusement, should I or any of my family be in England be assured it will gratify us very much to accept of your kind invitation to visit Shrigley we have letters from John Martin dated the 3d. January from Charlestown from which he intended to go to Savannah which was to be the last place he would visit in America so that we may expect him in a month or two I had a letter from Mrs Harrison a few days since requesting to be remembered to you in kindest maner first time I wrote you, and to say how much it would gratify her to see you in London should you have occasion to visit that Citty Mrs Martin and all the other branches of my family are quite well and joins in kind regards to you with dear Madam/Your much Obliged/and very Hble Servt

John Martin.

Mark: None. J. Martin/Senr.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp. 8" wide by 10", written pp. 1, 2., address p.4. Watermark. Seal: A blob of red wax wafered. Postmark: BELFAST Mar. 16 1820.

DDS 34/7

31 July 1820 Shrigley Cottage.

Draft Letter from B.D. (Bridget Downes) to Mr. Clowes and Mr. Sherratt.


Dear Sir,

Herewith enclosed you will receive a Snuff Box 'of which I must beg your acceptance', as a small Tribute to the Memory of my late Brother and [also] 'likewise as' an acknowledgement ['from myself'] of [your] 'the kind' exertions and the anxious Interest you took in his arrangements with Mr. Legh of Lime [tho' the Business prooved unsuccessful] 'some time past'. 'To Mr Sherratt' I hope this will find you in better Health than I have heard of your being in for some time Past and I sincerely wish you a speedy recovery to Mr Clowes I hope this will find 'X' you and Mrs C in good Health to whom I beg my Compts. I remain/Your/obedient Servt/ B.D.

Mark: None. Letters of thanks/In presents/Given in Memory/ of Edwd. Downes Esq.
(It looks as though this superscription is more relevant to the whole bundle 34 than to this item; suggesting that this item has been at some time the outside member of the bundle).

Paper: 1 sheet 7" wide by 9", written one side. Watermark.

DDS 34/5

No date (c.1820 by association with others in bundle).

Note from R. Legh Esq., Adlington, to Miss Downes, Pott Shrigley.


Mr Legh presents his best Compts & thanks to Miss Downes for the very handsome present he has recd: in Memory of her late brother, & begs to assure her he feels highly flattered by this Mark of respect. --Miss Crosse begs to offer her Compts. & that it is her intention to pay her respects to Miss Downes on Wednesday next, & laments it has not been in her power to do so sooner./ Adlington Hall Monday Even:g.

Mark: None. R. Leigh Esq./Adlington.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp. 8" wide by 9", written p.1, address p.4. Watermark. Embossed makers mark top left p.1., in form of a seal, legend J. WILSON. MACCLESFIELD; device on a wreath a lion rampant holding in his paws a sheaf.
Seal applied, black, rectangular, 11mm by 15mm, device a letter half folded, legend DITES MOI OUI.

DDS 34/6

No date (c.1820 by association with others in bundle)

Note from the Rev. J. Brown to Miss Downes.


Mr Brown presents his Compts to Miss Downes and begs to return her thanks for the Pins, which Mr Brown will ever esteem as a mark of regard shown him by his lamented friend the late Mr Downes./ Butley.

Mark: None. the Reverend J. Brown.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp. 8" wide by 9", written p.1., address p.4. Seal applied, black, rectangular, 18mm by 15mm, device J B in "blackletter".

DDS 34/3

8 August 1820 Port Hill

Letter from William Clowes to Miss Downes, Shrigley Cottage, near Macclesfield, Cheshire.


Dear Madam,

Mr. Sheratt has transmitted to me your polite letter accompanied with a very handsome Snuff Box; which you kindly present me as a Tribute to the Memory of your late and much lamented Brother for whom I had a high regard; allow me to return you my most grateful thanks for this Mark of your aprobation; for the assistance I gave your Brother in the arrangements which was intended to have taken place between him and Mr. Legh of Lyme; happy shou'l I have been if I cou'd at the time I visited Shrigley have brought that business to a happy conclusion, but when I refrect (sic) on the artful designs that were laid to impose upon your Brother, I rejoice exceedingly when I think that I had it in my power to prevent their deep laid plans from taking effect. I hope this will find you well and happy; Mrs. Clowes who is not very well at this time unites with me in most respectful regards and I remain Dr. Madam/Your much oblig'd Ser't/ William Clowes.

Mark: None. William Clowes Esq.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp. 8" wide by 9", written pp.1, 2, address p.4. Watermark. Embossed top left corner of p.1, a stamp with words BRISTOL PAPER round a device. Seal applied, red, oval 18mm by 14mm, device upon a wreath a demi-lion crowned hoding in his paws an axe. Postmark NEWCASTLE UNDER LYME 8 AUGUST 1820

DDS 34/8

7 July 1824 (postmark)

Balance Sheet.

Statement by Messrs Daintry Ryle & Co., of transactions in the years 1819 - 1823 concerning the disposal of the puchase money etc., of Shrigley, sold to Mr. Turner by the late Edward Downes, showing that the amount due to the Executors is now £412. 3. 2., out of a total with interest of £76,504. 2. 0. This statement was posted 7 July 1824 at Macclesfield (postmark) and addressed to Jno. Leach Panter Esq., 25 Audit Office, Somerset House, London.

Mark: None.

Paper: 1 sheet folded, 4 pp 8" wide by 13", written pp.2, 3, address p.4. Watermark. Postmarks. Seal applied, red, rectangular, about 15mm by 18mm, misshapen, device (effaced) heraldic, a shield with a lion crest.
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