RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 14/25
TitleLetter from F.D. Panter to his father, J.L. Panter Esq., Audit Office, Somerset Place, London
Date22 Nov 1824
DescriptionNov. 22nd. 1824


My dear Papa,

I received your letter friday evening, but deferred answering it until I has seen Mr Turner about the money.

My Aunt walked ut to his house with me on Saturday & he said it would be quite convenient & that he would bring the money over on Monday morning. He brought £121.14 this morning which was all he had by him, but will get the rest in a few days. He says that as soon as you will get all bonds & securities from the governors of the Queens Anns bounty office he will pay the £200 mintioned in his letter. Concerning the £30 Mrs. Downes Legacy he approves of your plan of making Aunt D & Himself join Trustees & says he will endeavour to place the money out to interest on good securities in the neighbourhood. Concerning Mr. Turner's remark about the interest to be allowed by the bank which you did not understand. Mr.Turner has shewed me in the account of Payments made by John Ryle Esq that no interest was allowed by the bank upon monies paid after the 25th of March. the sums paid in the 1st of Sept. only amount to upwards of £22,000 & the interest of that from the 25th of March would come upon a ruff calculation to near £300 at 5 per cent but if they allow anything I suppose it will not be more than 3½ or 4 at the outside. On the 29th Oct. there is upwards of £5,000 paid; above 300 days from the 25th March so that it would be a good sum of you could get the bank to pay it. Mr Turner says that he will go to Mr. Ryle & speak to him about it if you will write to him requesting him so to do; otherwise it would seem, (he says), in him rather officious as it is not his business & he would gain nothing by it. I trust that the next time I write to you I shall be able to tell you that every thing is settled. If I stopt to tell you much more I fear I shall be benighted & I do not know the road very well. On Friday when I was here last I waited so long (till the London post came in) that it was quite dark before I set off & as I did not know the Roads by Bollington, which is the shortest way, very well I was obliged to go all the way round by Hollingsworth Smithy: but the worst of it was that the roads were so muddy that I lost my shoes three times I was obliged to feel about for them so that I was more than an hour walking up the lane from Hollingsworth Smithy. Aunt Downes was 9 days on her road home she did not arrive until Wednesday, She slept the last night at Macclesfield, so that you may be sure she did not hurry her horses. She is quite well as are all our friends here.

I remain, Dear Papa
Your Dutiful Son,

F.D. Panter.

P.S. I nearly forgot to tell you that Miss Brooke desired me to request me when I wrote to you to send her as soon as possible A chest (90 lbs) of black tea at 7s. also 10 lbs of fine black tea at 10s. For Aunt D. 6lbs of black tea at 7s. Direct the whole to Mr. Antrobus Bollington Near Macclesfd. as it will come much cheaper than if directed to Shrigley -- let Aunt Downes be made in a separate parcel.

Mark: None. Into Queen Anne's Bounty Office.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 1 sheet, folded, 4 pp. 7" wide by 9", written pp. 1, 2, 3, 4. Postmark MACCLESFIELD No 22 1824/167. Seal wafered.
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