RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 21/15
TitleQuestionnaire submitted to the Reverend Fred'k Downes Panter in relation to his pedigree
Date3 Sep 1855
DescriptionQuestionnaire submitted to the Reverend.Fred'k Downes Panter in relation to his pedigree: his answers: notes made by two other persons on the same subject.

3 September 1855

Abstract;- F.D.P. (signature) states in answer to questions numbered, that 1. His brother Edward died in Speights Town Barbadoes, 2. his sister Emily was baptized in Paddington Church, 3. he himself was baptized in Fulham Church, 4 & 5, 6. his sister Louisa, his brother John Edward, his sister Sara Maria were baptized at North End Lodge, Fulham, 15. his sister Mar.... (Maria or Marion?) was baptized 16 February 1807 in St. George's Church, Hanover Square, 16. she died in Park Street, Grosvenor Square, in August 1807 and was buried in a vault under Grosvenor Chapel. He says he cannot certainly answer questions - 7 & 8. Where did his aunts Elizabeth & Ann Downes die & where buried? 9. When did his Mother's Aunt Frances Downes die & where buried? (he thinks she died at Bath), 10. When did her two aunts Mrs. Thomas & Mrs. William, Starkie die and where buried? (he thinks the first died at Frenchwood, Lancashire, the second at Manchester), 11 & 12. When did her aunt Mrs Butley die and where buried? What was Mr Butley's christian name, and where was he buried? 13 & 14. When did Mr.Thomas Starkie die? When did Mr. William Starkie die?

Notes on these questions and answers in various hands, on various pages of (a) the answers, (b) the questionnaire.

Hand 1. (a) date of Edwards death To send letter Mr Francis Downes. Tow Aunts Thomas & William Starkie - where married & when buried. (in pencil) To find out anything about Mr. Ashton. (in pencil) Margaret Starkie died in 1806 - aged 56 - Manchester Christiana Starkie died in 1815 Aged 81 - Frenchwood. (in pencil) Elizth Downes died at Islington aged 15 - Buried in old Islington Church in the Chancel. (in pencil) Anne Downes died at Mrs Fenwicks [School Greenwich] Mrs Briels at Hertford School and was buried with her sister in the old Ch: Islington. (b) 19 Cathrine............Names.

Hand 2. (same hand as that in which questionnaire is written), (a) we think the Mr.Painter who took our arms must have been our ancestor as the name is so spelt in our old family bible before the date mention'd & some years afterwards Panter. (b) (in pencil) write to Mrs Berrie for answers 10 11 12 13 14.

No mark.
Physical DescriptionPaper: 2 docts one folded inside other, 2 sheets each folded 4 pp. 5" wide by 7", 8 pp. in all. Answers written pp.1, 2, 3, questionnaire written pp.1, 2, 3, 4. (3, 4 cut off 3" from top).
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