RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 14/38
TitleHistorical notes about Downes family, with a list of documents as evidence
Date19th century
Description(P. 1) B.B.
2. Agreement between Ed. Downes &/ Sarah his wife 12th A. Query/ Does it shew whose daughter she/ was?

5. letters of Administration to John D. to his father E.D. 1749.

11. Copy of Mr. Wards opinion abt Mr./ Ashton's will.

15. Copy of Mr. Talbot's opinion Do./

Mr. A. Downes administration to/ John Downes.

Miss Bridget's administration to/ Ashton Downes (added in pencil-North End Lodge)

July 1746. Probate of will of E.D./ with two codicils.

Copy of Will of Peter Downes 1791.

My Fathers marriage - baptism of my brothers & sisters

My Mothers burial

(P. 2) their Marriages & issue
(in pencil) Generew Chyard Monmouth

(P. 3) (all in pencil)
Elizabeth Lucy Charles.

John Edward - 13th Augt 1845 St Pauls Horne Hill Stoving Lucy Jno Henrietta Arthur - Katherine Emily & Charles Edward

Sarah Marrd 27th Jun 1833 at Paddington/ Marion. Agnes Felicia. Sara Maria. Elizabeth Henrietta./ Henry Horne. William.

Louisa 23d June 1846 at Fulham Midx.

Emily at Paddington 16 Augst 18[4] [3]6.

[Frank] Marion. Francis. Emily Sarah. .......

Downs. Earnest John.

JLP. SP. [Mar] 14th Oct. 1801.

(P. 4) (in ink) FF/ 76.10./52.10./129.0. (an addition sum), and 94.13./48.17.6./15.0.0./ £158.10.6. (another addition). (in pencil) 1.10/10/1.0/ 8.10 (a sum).

Physical DescriptionPaper: 1 sheet, 4 pp. 5" wide by 8", written pp. 1, 2, 3, 4. Watermark. Ink & pencil.
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