RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 17/1
TitleAcquittance for a Fine
Date27 Jun 1352
DescriptionApud Macclesfeld die mercurii prox post fest Nat.Sci.Johannis Baptiste a.r.r. Ed.III 26.

Parties. 1. Thomas de Ferrers justice of Cestr' [Chester] and steward of Macclesfield (Macclesfeld) [Macclesfield], 2. William de Dounes.

Receipt and acquittance for 20s sterling paid for a Fine made before Thomas de Ferrers at Macclesfeld [Macclesfield] 15 March 1350 (die lune prox post festum Sci. Gregorii pape a.r.r. Edw.III 24) for divers transgressions whereof William was adjudged before Sir Peter de Gyldesburgh' and others of the Council of our lord the Prince at Macclesfeld' [Macclesfield] on 28 December 1348 (is festo Sanctorum Innocentium a.r.r. Edw.III 22) and for certain transgressions done by him in the forest of Macclesfeld [Macclesfield] (infra forestam de --).

Mark: B. d. 4. 26 E.3. Thomas de Ferr', Roberti Morlegh'
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 11½" wide by 3½", seal tongue and thong. Seal: Pendant on tongue, red, round, 25mm diameter, heraldic. Legend; illegible. Device; a shield, seven mascles cojoined 3,3,1, (Ferrers).
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