RepositoryCheshire Record Office
ReferenceDDS 12/4
Date30 Jun 1365
DescriptionApud Worth' die lune prox post festum Nativitatis Sci.Johannis Baptiste a.r.r. etc.

Parties: 1 Geoffrey de Worth uncle of Thomas de Worth', 2. Margaret lately wife of Robert de Hulme, William de Hulme and Matilda his wife.

Quitclaim with Warranty contra omnes gentes, of all Geoffrey's right and claim in the manor of Worth, and in messuages, lands etc., in Vpton' [Upton] and Makklefeld' [Macclesfield], including all the lands and tenements in com. Cestr' [Chester] which belonged to the said Thomas de Worth; except a certain field called Ratonesfeld and his bailiwick.

Mark: B. j. 9. 39.E.3. Worth. A reless of Worth.
Physical DescriptionParchment: 1 membrane 12" wide "by 3". Seal: Pendant on label black, round, 20mm diam., effaced. Device: A stag. N.B. Note that this doct is of same date effect and Mark as another in the collection.
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